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Archive for February 2008

In sunday, there will be happening grand opening by mediteranian sim shopping area Rue D' Antibes, built by Barnesworth Anubis, with freebies,sales and giveaways from some of most famous designers having their shops situated there like Tete a Pied, Shit Happens, Mimikri Couture,Ingenue, Chez, Grim babies, Diamonde, Nyte n' Day, Indyra designs, CallieCline, Fuse and many others plus gallerys del arte. My small is in this company, gonna put Morantique Petit Boudoir furniture collection for sale plus freebie bar with bar chairs and menu-bar to "ruin" yourself bad on your parties from Mod X by Fariida Yalin, only during the grand opening, will be complitely and totally free, so come and celebrate beauty of SL building and fashion with us, yay

When i think they cannot go better, they do!Since i came to SL i m in constant search for ppl who 're gonna inspire me, creativity is ultimate beauty of SL along with my friends.To find special, edgy, something in which youll make a statement wearing it, is what i m craving for in both lifes.

I found it, tonite, in Glam World in just opened Cachet by Thora Charon and Minnu Palen. Enough said, this is ultimateIT collection of high fashion within SL, one of those you shop out just to have it in your inventory, just cause of pure perfection in its feature and pieces which you can combinewhen you tend to be and stay unique.

It's hard to imagine Valenttina Carfagno started designing clothes only three month ago if you see the content of her store located in Nova. Her boutique Frozen Turquoise Valentine holds the 3 collections she has made sofar and they all deserve the description 'haute couture'. Valenttina's unique personal sense of style and quality shines through each of her gorgeous designs. This amazingly talented, modest and funloving woman from Venezuela has got all that it takes to make our fashionista world rock. We made a selection of outfits to show, assuring you there is much more in her store which you should check out for yourself to make your day perfect.

on Valenttina: dress FTV 'Gold Drama' (4th collection, not yet released).
on Rhonda: dress FTV 'Hot Snow'; hair Ingenue 'The Grable'; skin Minnu Model 'Gloss-Heroine'; cigarette Holder 'Whitestar Silver'.
on Mo: dress FTV 'Valentine'; hair Armidi 'Symphony Twist'; skin RaC 'Lacie 03'; shoes Tesla 'Natasha'; earrings Gems&Fashion 'Unisex Diamond'; gloves Paper Couture 'Italian Black'.
on Bibs: dress FTV 'ChaCha'; hair Tukinowagamu 'Himawari'; shoes Maitreya 'Slinky Stilettos; earrings Big Boob Boutique 'Pig'; ring Big Boob Boutique 'Frog'.

on Rhonda: outfit FTV 'Boston'; hair Darkstar Designs 'LoversRendezvous'; shoes Lassitude&Ennui 'Chloe Sculpted Flats'.
on Mo: outfit FTV 'New York'; hair Aden 'Whitney'; shoes Last Call Vamp 'Ninette'; gloves DoMoCo 'Full Finger Gloves'; ring Big Boob Boutique 'Frog'.
on Bibs: outfit FTV 'London'; hair Tukinowagamu 'Reon'; shoes Storm Schmooz 'Laque'.

on Rhonda: outfit FTV 'Juicy Glam Jacket' and Artilleri 'Betsy Jeans'; hair Ingenue 'The Grable II'; shoes Armidi Gisaci 'Barcelona Slingback'; necklace Aya V 'Ribbon Necklace'.
on Mo: outfit FTV 'Buenos Aires'; hair Armidi 'Symphony Twist'; shoes Fashionably Dead 'Strappy Sandals'; hat Last Call 'Sailor Girl Hat'; bracelet aya V 'Wood bracelet'.
on Bibs: outfit FTV 'Innocence'; hair Truth 'Bridgette'; shoes
Lassitude&Ennui 'Chloe Sculpted Flats'; sunglasses Fashionably Dead 'Ultimate Bugeye Glasses'; bag Ingrid Ingersoll 'Ingrid Ingersoll's Tote'.

on Rhonda: outfit FTV 'Sexy Lace Top' and Armidi Jeans; hair Armidi 'The Bombshell'; shoes Armidi Gisaci 'Barcelona Slingback'; manicure Mojo Glitterati 'Manicure Red'.
on Mo: dress FTV 'Brown Geometric'; hair booN 'TOM14'; shoes Armidi gisaci 'Dalia Pump'; earrings Yummy 'Summertime Flexable Tassles'; manicure Mojo Glitterati 'Manicure Red'.
on Bibs: dress FTV 'Spring Desire'; hair Shop Seu 'Fuafua'; shoes Armidi Gisaci 'Vidalia Pump'
; earrings Yukirei 'Gamelan Ball Earrings'; necklace Yukirei 'Not Showy Necklace'.

on Rhonda: outfit FTV 'Carolina'; hair ETD 'Sofia'; shoes Armidi Gisaci 'Barcelona Slingback'; earrings Paper Couture 'Fleur Black Pearl Earrings'.
on Mo: dress FTV 'Gold Natural Glow'; hair booN 'UZU22'; gloves Tete a Pied 'Black Leather Gloves'; jewelry Muse 'Claris Black Pearl and Diamond'.
on Bibs: dress FTV 'Paris'; hair The Abyss 'Secret' (modified by myself to fit hat); shoes Maitreya 'Grace'; ring Big Boob Boutique 'Frog'.

We hope you'll enjoy!

Rhonda Molinaro, Mo Miasma and Bibs Burns

Ok, we all know new Paper Couture collection spring 08'
is about to happen but some of us took some drastic measures
committing few steps which we could call drastic - NOT, to
check out whats going on and did Lus finally show some mercy
to us addicts, by releasing dorn clothing already.
First, the idea was to chain ourselves to the columns of Barcola
store, wearing some of their designs, in silent protest,

later, i became stalker of pc stores, repeating stores! not
avatars, in anxiety waiting to see some change, but then
it started to happen -> redecoration of stores in Tableau
and Barcola (store over there drastically grew gettin new floor(s))

Stars..um ..Mo Miasmas log, Supplemental 32'89239sdu09093;
By night, in the February 20th anno domini 2008, in 3:14 CET
2:14 Greenwitch time, 2 avatars by the name Mo Miasma and
Rhonda Molinaro, landed at the sim Tableau (197,
38,12) with one mission and one mission only, to check out

new PC store located on the mentioned location, even at
the stake of life. We found some barricades on the doors
which we passed using the high technology of Second life
called camera and sit on the sitting object and with that
committed trespassing which isnt prosecuted as same as
any other criminal deed within world of SL, only and by the
only judgement that counts in SL , and that is the one by SL

We were amazed, especially, with a new lift located in the middle
of the store which leads you to the fairyland NOT, but
to the second floor of the store and up and down, and up
and down we go, and fireplace, which warmed up quite nicely
our sneaky butts who have frozen in the swampy like first floor
of the store, ocassionaly gazing at our stars / "drug dealers"
Lu sisters on the wall...

My predictions are that new line and stores will about to
happen around same time as a the last year, at the end of the
february. *Shaking in terrible state of stupor..*

Rhos wearing: Ingenue hair, Minnu skin, Thimbles new top, Armidi jeans
Mos wearing: Diamonde earrings, Twosome top, Gigi Couture belt, DP serendipty asian skirt,
Mojo Glitterati pedicure and manicure

Cleo took me first time to Minnu Model skin store, it was last
summer, something like that, and as soon as i lay my eyes
on those i was spending hours in trying out and buying them.
I had no clue about the owner but i was admiring her work, not
knowing who she is at all. When i saw skin i m talking about
today, on this GLAMSL mag launch fashion show i liked the
most which is (belive me) difficult to say since all the make
ups are something really super fresh i havent spoted
in any skin line, so far, for upcoming spring/summer 2008.
Anyways i wanted to go and buy it
immeditately but what happend was that i couldnt as same as
rest of ppl of SL. And why, we all know why, but i will
point out on this terrible, fugly "disease" affected SL even
worse than european mutated virus going on as we speak,
EXISTING IN WORLD. I suppose, most of us are
very aware where this leads but if someone, by any chance, isnt AWARE, i
'll give myself freedom to speak about it ONCE MORE cause once
more is NEVER ENOUGH till this horrible "wildwest" stops to
be reality of SL. If we want to enjoy in our SL lives we have to be
aware that if copyright is not existing in SL, SL is not existing in the
near future. Its logic lead of things -> theifs steal and resell (and
you dont even have to know that youre buying stolen goods, cause
with full permitions you can sign your greatgranmothers name on the product)->
designers dont design and bust their asses off anymore cause theres
no reason to proceed -> we walk in old skins and old clothing, shoes,
whatever -> its like someone freezed the picture on your screen ->
we dont want to live DEAD LIFE -> SL excludes itself from its
own existence and the reason why most of us came in here and which is more
important STAYED sease to exist.
I was talking to dear Onyx from Matreya, asked her
how many votes are needed on JIRA for this to become? top
priority within LL and she told me only 200! So please people,go
and vote, dont be lazy to sign in or
to ask your friends who're not reading blogs to do so,
so we can buy new generation of Minnu skins .. and to
preserve our SL as it is.


Vote here! - DMCA response should be to block all instances of stolen goods from SL, not just close vendors

Wearing: Armidi Symphony hair, Lapin & Anato Cow Grape hat, Glanz ClearGrey eyes,
Paper Couture Bubble shirt and belt, S.Y.D.-Janetoutfit-pants, +*Atelier AM*+, KyuKaruizawa (137, 93, 46) clutch and bracelet

Baiastice is looking for the new testimonial for
summer-spring 2008 collection maybe is loooking for you...

If you ARE a model or if you'D LIKE TO BE a model...BAIASTICE is looking for you!

Enrolling the contest you'll receive an evening dress and a swimwear by Baiastice that you'll wear for a photo session at JEN Photo Studio. You've to send a notecard with your name to Jennyfer MIles, confirming your partecipation. We'll call you for planning date and time for your casting.

Winner will receive: - 10.000 linden - The entire spring-summer 2008's Baiastice collection - A professional photo album by JEN Photo Studio.

Contest is open to everyone, any female avatar from all over the world. Registrations will be open from feb, 18 to feb,28. Castings will start on the first week of march and each contestant will receive a personal communication about dates and times.

For any information:

Alinee Jewell

Jennyfer MIles

Sissy Pessoa


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Se sei una modella o ti piacerebbe diventarlo Baiastice sta cercando te;

Iscrivendosi al contest si riceverà un vestito da sera e un bikini firmati Baiastice necessari per la realizzazione di due fotografie da parte della JEN Photo Studio.
Per iscriversi basta inviare una notecard. col il proprio nick e la disponibilità di orari e giorni della settimana, a Jennyfer Miles. In seguito sarete contattate per il casting.

La vincitrice avrà diritto ad un contratto come testimonial Baiastice per una stagione pari al valore di 10000Linden, l'intera collezione primavera-estate e swimwear e la realizzazione di un book fotografico

Il contest è aperto a tutti gli avatar femminili di ogni nazionalità.

Le iscrizioni sono aperte dal 18 febbraio 2008 per la durata di dieci giorni ( chiusura iscrizioni il 28 febbraio 2008);
Il casting avrà inizio i primi giorni di marzo in seguito a comunicazione personale.

Per qualsiasi informazione contattare in world:

Alinee Jewell

Jennyfer Miles

Sissy Pessoa


Ok, i got really hungry for some serious sl couture clothing
so like new REAL couture is goin' on again on the grid
better to say in Cherry Buttons, super nice and totally coolio
Giana Paine opened the store of her extraordinare, this time
we speak about real sl couture clothing which reminded me of
Paper Couture as soon as Bibsy, one of co founders of Secondguru
tped me to heaven store called "GIGI COUTURE" or GG couture
how its owner calls it.

The collection by Gi is so inspired by hi tech and sailor theme
and exactly this combo makes it couturish even more in every sence
of what couture word means in SL. Check out for yourselves, theres
extra cute valentines freebie - heart sweater and some seriously
full regular freebies plus. Not to mention that prices are so ok
that theres nothing else to say. All this couture goes just divine with
beautiful couture pearl necklace in white called Fashionatrix from creatore
Valena Glushenko, who opened her new store Diamonde,
"neighbour" store of my store Morantique
on Rue D' Antibes sim which grand opening is going to be happening
this weekend Saturday 16th! Everyone are invited, some seriously awsome
freebies will be available.
On top of tops i m wearing TESLA new super funky shoes Lori in Tequilla
Sunrise - she gave names to the shoes after coctails how coolio is that! and
newest Onyx's and Beau's Maitreya Chi Chi shoes in Cream mmmm yummy:)

This is kind of fashion You will be able to check out
in future, monthly, in new release of SL journalism
GLAM SL Mag, founded by its owner tres magnificque Minnu
Palen, with a main editor, Miabela Foxely know as the owner
of IDA model agency, and you can get it already and today in
world. What i like about is that it brings different concept
and design of journal which isnt seen so far, it's, shall i
say announcement of refreshment on fashion magazine's scene
supported by photography of Minnu, Miabella and Keiko Morigi
which would be main aspect, from my point of view, for such creation.
I m absolut fan of that opening advertisment with Thora Charron sorrounded
with some serious "stuff";PP, made for new Minnu Model skins Men.

Fashion show Minnu, Thora, Carrisa, Phoenix, Onyx, Beau & CO organized
shows well what is and will this magazine gonna be all about. We could
have witnessed some of the highest fashion going on at the moment
starting with new creatore from Gosth, followed by Artilleri, LeeZu
Baxter Designs, Cubic, Muism, Nicky Ree, Lookr and of course dun dun dun like
my friends Dove&Law would say magnificant Paper Couture. This time as
i could have seen, Lus have combed whole history of fashion from baroque
to sureal, from victorian to contemporary using THE COLORS, giving to
everything futuristic touch, pointing out to future and spring.

Ok, now, maybe mister Freud would ve had lots of work on me, he would've
totally, thats nothing new:P, but thats how i see it, and i have no diopthry so
so far, bless. Paper Couture models looked like candy flowers
walking an ode to the spring and the music that was playing along
"The Flower Duet" from opera Lakme by Delibes achived full effect.
Choice of the music was perfect, Big Beat mostly like Goldfrapp, Royksopp,
everlasting Grace Jones etc. and grand finale with classic by Enigma, Sadness.
All these awsome pieces i put on blogs playlist so enjoy it as i do it now :D
The biggest suprise for me was Serene Sensations and her design which
i lubed which means i m gonna hang in her store more often, bravo Soraya,
dear Caliah Lyon and Miko as models, queens of the nites in my book and new upcoming line
of clothing Cachet by Thora Charon, Minnu Model skins & Maiteya --> absolutely stunning as same as make up on new Minnu skins.
One big bravo and bow to everbody who made this happen, i ll be under
impression for some time...

Tonite, we are all invited on Baiastice fashion show with a
Carnival theme by wonderful roman girl Sissy Pessoa's
creations, who brought vera moda italiana into SL and
we all loved it prontissimo - i know my friends and i did:D

After the show there will be after party with suprise freebie.
Come and enjoy yourselves !

Excusez moi i know i ve been shity recently not posting anything, but
i was working on my store "Morantique" on awsome sim Rue D'Antibes
with the most super lungo mare shopping area, you just have to
check it out if youre going shopping with your friend, one you lub or
by and with yourself. This time i m posting about something very special
to me, its a person i care for very much and i m glad she has allowed me
to write about her stuff. Its TWOSOME.
The person is Visa Volare well known by her extra idea she brought
into SL - her blog Second Life Stylewatch ,
but now now she and her friend Shelby Wrangler have little,
cutest outdoor store called "TWOSOME" in Cherry Buttons
with most detailed, precise,
"Vis's style" tees and tops. I know Vis is amazingly precise person and tho
her stuff arent my style, she makes them in such way theyre becoming to be, wearable
and matchable with anything, any time. Her work is "messanger of spring"
thats how i feel, when i m wearing them. Vis, besides her precision, is very
i mean VERY modest person, everything is modest and simple when comes to
her which, exactly, makes her and her work great.
This time i matched Visas tops, Retro in chocko color which is
Vis's and my fav color all lifes possible, with suprise-retro-
details on the border of tee and on the drawn cut on back with
Nicky Ree's spring freebie skirt, Earthtones big wooden bracelets
and Bebe Africa necklace. The other one is Grapes, highly detailed drawn
top, i m wearing with Cashmere zebra long skirt and most coolio
Tahiti jewlerey set - (Dahlinks) Tahitian Black Pearls by miss
Alexandra Nichols, wtg Alexandra ! The hair of Cake-Harlow
in Ginger color, i' m wearing, is one of the messangers plus.

Yeah, we've been absent for awhile, we know. I blame it on the opening of my shop, and Law blames it on his new blogging career. So, we've decided to go out with a bang here at SG, our last post will be as kooky and fun as they ever were (at least for us) - but first we wanted to say thank you to the SecondGuru gang for letting us hang and do our thang! We'll be blog-stalking you guys as hard as we ever did.

This mashup came about while we were standing around trying to decide what to blog from our massive and cluttered inventories, when a random comment about the fact that I have so much boy stuff and the fact that he rawks so much girl stuff gave me an idea....

Why not do a couple's blog...and not just 'the usual' because there's nothing 'normal' about us. Instead, I would rawk the boi clothes and he'd rawk the gurl clothes! I mean, let's face it, I don't have the boobs for the girlie stuff and he has the face of a sweet goddess, this was bound to happen at some point. We decided one of the rules we would apply to our little game of cross-dressing fun was that our entire outfit had to be composed of items from the opposite sex or they had to be unisex.

My outfit was pretty easy, mainly because I tend to dress like a boi when I'm not dressed like a dolly (yeah, I go from one extreme to the other). So for me it was just a matter of 'hmm, what to wear today' and making sure that all the accessories fit our rule. It's a little harder for a boy to accomplish this switcheroo in SL, but I think he did a decent job, especially with the extreme pieces he chose to use. I've never seen a guy sporting the AJ hair from ETD, nor would I ever think I would find the Punk Rock Piper Jacket from The Kitty Box on a dude either, but he actually pulled it off! I opted for the tried and true beater that any good ol' gal can work, and then slid into his favorite Primitive Design Fightclub Punk Pants too! Mmmm, almost as hawt as a chick in guy's boxers (and nothing else).

He decided to go with the girly skull pants from PD, and I stuck with my new favorite hair from booN (short, messy, black - totally me). With our base parts picked and fitted together, then it was just a matter of accessories. I couldn't go with such a durty emo beater without pairing it with the dirty wrench layers from [Dystopia], a favorite in my inventory that I pull out on a weekly basis! And even though we blogged the Guarded Heart Choker once before, as soon as he cycled through it in his inventory, we both knew it was a keeper with this outfit - so what the hell! My neck accessory of choice was a skully tie from *amerie's Naughty*...I love this shop, please fash-bloggers, if you want to abuse a shop on the feeds, abuse *aN*...give me more!

Skulls seem to be a theme in our daily SLives, so when he chose the belle morte belt from kyoot Army I wasn't really surprised (I concurred). I stole his socks while I was stealing his pants, and rawked the PD Fuckd Up socks pretty darn hard if I do say so myself - of course it probably helps that I threw on some Zero Number boots, these boots make anything look twenty times more elite. He thinks so too and threw on another flavor of the same brand for his outfit.

At the end of the day I think we did alright. I kind of ended up looking like I do when I pull one of my 'durty boi' moods, which is quite often...so I have to give him the win in this little game of ours, simply because he pulled off some stuff I would never imagine seeing on a guy and he did it well. But, this is why he's the sexy one and I'm the morose one, I suppose. So that's us, Dove and Lawless, signing off for SecondGuru, but you'll see us around and about we're sure! Til then, fashion world!

Seen on Lawless:
Synfully Yours – Bangles (Earth)
Primitive Design – Skulled Corpses Skulled Pants (MudBrown)
Orion Designs – Guarded Heart Choker
kyoot Army – Dark Bella Morte Belt
ETD – AJ Hair (black)
~ broken ~ – Torn Fishnet Shirts and Tops
B@reRose – Sign Of Bondage Boy Leg Ribbon
The Kitty Box – Punk Rock Piper Jacket
[Nooky] – Jo-han-na Bandana
Zero Number – Engineer Boots Zipper Brown
Needful Things – NT eyez 09

Seen on Dove:
*amerie's Naughty* - NAUGHT Safety-PinTie GraySkull
-Clobber- - Fingerless Stitched Padded Gloves
/rockerwear/- emo undershirt
[Nooky] - MAR:da Armband
*No Mercy* - No Mercy Stars (face tat)
*Push Button Industries* - 45 RPM Buckle Cuffs (Black Metal)
Cake - Bedroom Lashes
[Dystopia] - Dirty Wrench
*booN - booN TFH26 jetblack big
Manna - Heavy Metal V.2
Primitive Design - Fightclub Punk Pants, Fuckd Up Socks (black)
Zero Number - AM Short Bb Boots Black