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Archive for December 2007

Who else made it to Artilleri's huge winter sale a couple of weeks ago? I stored up on a lot (okay I'm lying a ton) of of Antonia Marat's fun and sexy retro-fashions. Where does one go when you're in the rockabilly mood? To a diner of course! Readers beware, my bum was all over the counter at the diner in the KSU sim, so you may want to do a lil antibacterial action before you dig into your dogs if you know what I mean.

If youre alone for holidays, like i was,then you goto the city. This time it was Tesla city, made andopen by Tesla Miles and Lyanis Sin, two girls witha urban sence of external decor with a slice of morbidity and bizzare which suits me just fine. Since girl wants to look good in the city, i foundrunning around in my holiday dresses in mr. Valentinored, just to be perfect for subway toilets, ruinedcondos, hidden underground city, suspicious alleysof Tesla City. Driving in the bus, dancing with japanese male streapers from this poster on the wallof the street, begging in front of the coffee shop,chasing around innocent avatars with my brand new chainsaw from

, Dove and Law so generouslyshowed me and Cle (me bows you guys) and eventuallydying over a loosing loads of the blood in front ofthe Ingenue store and looking beautiful and stylishdoing so, is what me call great holiday time!

Speaking of being beautiful, humbling George Michael's song Flawless(Go to the City) so perfect for the occasion i was wearing Devilish Cupcake new release red gown , this KA designs playful coctail dress i found at some japanese sim's sale and couldnt take off for dayz, Paulie Tamale's hair you can find in his Coif-new store on the Silent sim, best gift which made my holidays from Caliah Lyon - fur collar with black pearls, Tesla Natasha ellegant red shoes.. so after all if your alone for holidays, youre not lonely, with your friends in sl ...

"You've got to go to the city
You've got to go to the city,
They're going to find you there

'Cause you're beautiful'
Cause you're beautiful"

Hi. I'm Dove, and I have a problem. Apparently, I'm addicted. To what, you say? To taking fully-clothed, accessory-maxed photos of Lawless and smearing them all over this blog like some fashion-crazed hor. I can't help it....we're standing around and he starts changing (a process that can take up to an hour sometimes) - and then ....out comes this jacket and these boots and I started squealing like a little girl! I knew that this outfit was going to be our next blog post.

Okay, I'll slow down. Let's break this down....

First things first - this Highwayman Black Punk Jacket from Brutal Gear is so win! Not only is the texturing awesome with all the neat pockets, zippers, and decals (check out the back of that baby - sweet!)....but it comes with some pretty freaking dandy prim work as well. The sleeve-cuff prims are excellent, as is the prim belt, but what I really fell in love with were the epaulets (which is a fancy word for shoulder spike thingers) - Law loves himself some jackets, he probably owns every jacket and coat on the grid at the moment and one thing that is never quite satisfying is the prim work on shoulders - but this Brutal Gear jacket really pulled it off in a big way. We say - bravo, touche ....we concur, ol chap!

Next, I caught a glimpse of dark leather, straps, shiny buckles (lots and lots of buckles), and my mouth dropped open before I could even get my camera zoomed in. TonkTastic has gone and done it again folks....wowing us with his Biker Boots Extreme! The pictures alone are enough to make you cream your jeans, but they truly do not do these boots justice - you really must go and get these in-world, slap them on your feet and stomp around in them. Kick some butt if you're feelin' froggy - they'll thank you afterwards for doing it with such style.

Primitive Designs makes some of the most gnarly pants to wear, as you can see, we're two for two with this blog post, rawkin' it out with the Punisher Pants this time. You can't go wrong with pants like these really, and they're so easy to pair up with ...oh ...say....fishnet? Mmm. I told you, a man in fishnet is just damned hot.

We won't go away just yet without pointing out that lovely cluster of belts from ]monogrind[ ...a store that I stepped into and couldn't stop clicking the 'pay' button. A word of warning, while most of the stuff is tagged as unisex, the ladies will have to do a good bit of modifying - but it's worth it! Last, but certainly not least....the super fun and scarily delicious SwarthyGaze Goggles by Sacrifice. All that needs to be said: creepy, skeletal hands gripping a pair of rad goggles - how is this not the best neck accessory evar?

Thanks for tuning in. Now, I go poo.

Where It's At

Bare Rose - Sign of Bondage Leg Ribbon
Brutal Gear - Highwayman Black Punk Jacket
]monogrind[ - Dark Punky Studded Belts
AITUI TATTOO - Mr Midnight Tattoo
Primitive Design - Punisher Pants
~ broken ~ - Torn Fishnet Gloves
TonkTastic - Biker Boots Xtreme
Sacrifice - SwarthyGaze Goggles

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You Will Be Assimilated!

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moborg is wearing: ETD Gwen Honey Hair[IC-skins-store] Soulful Eyes :: Bright, Soap Boom Scrap Headphones, Borg Scoutship BORG OcularImplant3, Borg Scoutship CranialExoplating5, Borg Scoutship ForearmAssembly2, Fairlight Arc Gauntlet, Last Call Corsica Leather Bikini, *Sheer* Top: Very Torn Nylon Black, Garden of Ku Tattoo Kohime Soul_GoK tattoo, Kyoot Army- Dead Naga Mini (Black), GutterBlood Vincent Boots
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his time i decided to do decor article about small home by one of secondgurus Whinter Paine. Her sence for decor and trends in interior design of sl homes shows that you dont have to have palace to get there. So this Trouble McTeague's building is less is more by Whinty:)

hinty's house is untypical modern contemporary home decorated as really interesting mixture of piece (you wouldnt say can go in the same room) by some of most wanted builders of sl furniture; Rustica, Artilleri, Lumina, Corn, MaximumMinimum and Relic!