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    Morantique LUSH - 3D accessorie design baked and rendered with autodesk Maya, part of virtual brand Morantique. Available in Liberty region and Marketplace.

Archive for August 2011

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ABISS Hillside out now

This modern designer house is the epitome of luxury and style – it’s contemporary, it’s cool, and it’s totally cutting edge. The, glass and concrete house delivers luxury at every turn, with four rooms highlighted with state-of-the-art lighting and great details. Unique living spaces are as welcoming and warm as they are modern. A set of floating stairs leads to the home’s upper level, leading up to the bedroom and the lounge area. This lounge area is fully equipped with modern furniture together with lights and a bar- perfect for parties and chilling time with your friends

ABISS Hillside out now2
ABISS Hillside out now3

Talking about the views, we carefully designed the surroundings which give you more privacy and great feeling as if you were totally alone on a sim.

Whether you're looking for a private hide out or a place to gather with your friends and family, this house has it all.

The Hillside Residence is sold as either PG or MATURE- ADULT.

ABISS Hillside out now4

Write a review and rate this prefab to get the special bonus- valuable matching sectional for the bar-lounge area ( worth 1.500 l$ )!!!!

Get it here: Mature version https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Hillside-residence-by-Abiss-furnished-Mature/2616662/

PG version - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Hillside-residence-by-Abiss-furnished-PG/2616706


Skybox version - 485 prims
Ground version - 482 prims

Skybox furnished - up to 735 prims
Ground furnished - up to 732 prims
SIZE: 37x42m


- Both versions of the same structure ( ground and skybox version )

a. Ground level structure - standard residential structure without surroundings.
b. Skybox version includes building with very specific surroundings ( two huge prims included- one for the terrain and the other one for the sky dome ).

Both versions can easily fit the 4096 sq. meters parcels. It is even possible to rezz the building on 3072 sq. meters parcel( without dining tables props ). Please be adviced to check the prim count on your parcel prior to purchase, some parcels might have less prims available than others.

- SPECIAL EDITION* furnishings including the following:

Balance Bed x1 ( modify/transfer permissions )
Loop couch x1 ( transfer permissions )
Loop armchair x2 ( transfer permissions )
Loop ottoman x1 ( transfer permissions )
Loop rug (modify/ copy permissions)
LCD non - functional ( full permissions )
Tanto dining table ( copy permissions )
Tanto dining chair ( copy permissions )
Bar stools ( copy permissions )
Bar props - bottles, glasses etc. ( copy permissions )
Cadenza patio sectional x1 ( transfer permissions )
Cadenza patio chair x1 ( transfer permissions )
Cadenza patio lounger ( copy permissions )
Parasol/sunbrella ( copy permissions )
Cadenza patio tables ( copy permissions )
Envy hot tub x1 ( transfer permissions )
Other displayed furniture peaces ( shelves, paintings, lamps, cabinets etc. ) come with the building ( auto rez )
- Custom windlight settings also inside pack

* Means that the furniture has been textured specially for this build. Permissions may vary. Color/texture changing options are not included.
Animations count inside furnishings vary depending on whether you decide to buy PG or MATURE version.
Furnishings are set to FULL BRIGHT for the best visual experience. Further and more detailed information about particular furniture peace, check standard
versions at out main store ( permissions and animation count may not apply ).
ABISS Hillside out now5


Structure is sold as displayed.
Animations number and content may vary depending on purchased package maturity rating.
No other texture changing options are included but those displayed.


Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Kind regards
The Abiss team

ABISS - parisien-poster-2

We are proud to present our latest and most luxurious living room set. Le Parisien living room set is made with care, and took hundreds of hours to finish. As poster said, 42 prims of absolute luxury.

ABISS - parisien-poster-1
**Key features**

Contains following:

2 x Armchair 10 prims
1 x Couch 11 prims
1 x Central table 7 prims
1 x lamp 4 prims

Total prim count for the entire set = 42 prims



-lamps are only non mod items

-package contents may appear no mod from inventory view but when rezzed are fully modifiable

-mod permissions are enabled for purpose of color tinting , script and poses management only. Any unlinking and prim rearrangement as well as texturing is NOT recommended and "voids the warranty". Scroll to bottom for further info on this.


** Le Parisien Couch **
usage and features:
Sculptie shaped and textured love seat with high detail textures.

75 different sitting/ laying animations inside 2 seats. User "sits" on couch using RMB and "sit here" option, then choosing the seat. Touching sofa brings up an extensive menu with pose choices for either male or female avatars. Users can adjust their own pose presets hight and rotation - type /1a to get adjust dialog box. Owner only option, is accessed when owner touches couch. Can reset sit/lay poses, set access, adjust users, etc...

Touching the recline / back rest of couch, gives additional 80 couple pose pairs driven by separate mlpv2 menu. Pose balls are operated via touching again same recline part.
The choice of poses and animation will satisfy almost everyone`s needs. Cuddles, foreplay, intercourse, girls only and solo activities are some of animation groups embedded.
For further info on menu usage, please consult documentation at:


ABISS NEW - parisien-poster-3
** Le Parisien Armchair **

Sculptie shaped and textured love seat with high detail textures.
50 different sitting/ laying animations inside. User "sits" on the armchair using RMB and "sit here" option. Touching the armchair brings up an extensive menu with pose choices for either male or female avatars.
Users can adjust their own pose presets hight and rotation - type /1a to get adjust dialog box. Owner only option, is accessed when owner touches couch. Can reset sit/lay poses, set access, adjust users, etc...

** Le Parisien central table **
Matching textures with sofa and rest of the set
sculptie table with mod rights so it can be resized or set to full bright.

** Le Parisien lamp **
Matching textures with sofa and rest of the set. Touching brings up simple dialog to control intensity.

Kind regards,
Abiss team


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Have a lovely summer , <3 by Morantique