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Archive for November 2010

In this weeks report, i m representing next 5 stores in Liberty city and news coming from these brands you can check out there.


First is Source, with its ultra futuristic, IT, different style and great performance of SL design, with a line of pants, jumpsuits and mini dresses in 4 colors - white, black, peach and red.


Glance in Liberty city has a new glam skin out called Natasha. Makeups are incredible, make sure you check it out if you havent already.


Next, Bliss couture has to offer one of the most lushious and hollywood glam hairstyles on the grid, which are in top 5 of my hairs choice in SL for sure. My favorite style is Mara but all the others are so fitting for couture or formal look /tho i wear them daily/, they became absolut must have.


In CStar boutique in Liberty city there is very interesting skin called Audery, calling 40's diva look style glorifying red lip and pale skin in its all glory, which is prolly biggest come back look this winter in rl as well. CStar skins are limited edition skins, so this is the case with Audery as well, you can purchase in tran or copy rights!


Candy Doll is having new skin Barbie out now, tho i find Jasmin and Aurora very interesting, fresh and absolutely adorable too.


In next issue of Liberty city news comes introduction of Glam affair new boutique on the sim as same as new releases report of designers work, by then - heart!

Galeria Couture necklace is the item you can find in Morantique now as a Project Themeory item for the theme What i ♥
i hope you do to:D Enjoy ♥


♥ by Morantique:)


From now on i am going to post news on whats going on and what's new in high end fashion
community of famous couture brands in Liberty city. Today i m going to introduce you to
whats new in Baiastice boutique in Liberty city, 2 new mainstores on the sim and
some high tech kicking in with Sys skins and boots, oh do we lack those in world lately!


Baiastice has a whole new fall 2010 line out and news are available in Liberty city for you to
browse from. I would like to point out to gorgeous burlesque outfits on the left when you enter
boutique, these are absolutely right choice for your bedroom, night out or just to feel glamurous
and feminine at your home.


Rozena skin by Lindsay Rozen has a mainstore location on Liberty and new lines of skins are
out to browse from. On Rozena skin boutique you're going to bump in somewhere in the
middle of the Liberty city while taking a walk down the street.


Next new store in Liberty city is Sys which brings high tech glamour from which i would like to
put an accent on a high quality boots with spike metal heels, in these lacking days of good
sexy boot inworld these are real refreshement. Demos are available, hop in any time in Libery
city Sys and try them on


Last but not least is new mainstore for skins under the brand of All about Yve. Yvonne's
boutique is situated on a main square and you can check them out, maybe you find exactly
what you need

Have a great weekend, have fun shopping and enjoy your SL

Tralalas from Liberty City:D

Morantique has a new release for Designer collection,
its 3 neoantique rooms, designed specially for you




heart by Morantique

Promotional video for Morantique.com was made by Vitabela Dubrovna, watch it here <3>

Two words. Must haves.


Glam affair Castalia skin - 08 makeup
Redgrave Black Darling eyelash
LeLutka Stigma jacket
COCO white bow shirt
Veneno robot pants
Sys chrome boots
Morantique LUSH Birkin bag
Fleur black leather gloves
Golden palm by Eshi Otawara
truth hair liv sweedish
Poses by Behaviour body and Lelutka.

For 2010. All saints/All Hallows/Halloween Morantique has limited time offer of prerelease of upcoming collection called Designer of neoantique furniture, each item from this collection marked down on 100L only for a limited time.


Also there is limited time 0L freebie All saints ring in Morantique LUSH


Heart by Morantique!