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    Morantique LUSH - 3D accessorie design baked and rendered with autodesk Maya, part of virtual brand Morantique. Available in Liberty region and Marketplace.

Archive for May 2010

pink ribbon 1

pink ribbon 2

pink ribbon 3

"I advocate glamour. Every day. Every minute." Dita Von Teese

Precious is wearing:
Outfit-Burlesque,Boudoir (NEW!)
Shoes-Indyra Originals

Vitabela is wearing:
Outfit-Moulin Rouge,Boudoir (NEW!)
Skin-Fishy Strawberry
Hair-Tuty's and Sigmund
Hat-Pink Ribbon hat,Boudoir


vita's lovers nest :D


I made enchanted romantic skybox,literally Lovers Nest,please discover this amazing surreal build!

Take a look and buy this sweet nest here!




Don't believe everything that you read in the newspapers.
Andrew Card

Dress-Newspapers Doll,Boudoir
Lingerie and gloves-Paper Couture
Skin-Fishy Strawberry
Shoes-Digit Darkes

♥ Vita

This weekend we have some goodies around the sim stores, come and check em out in Liberty city before theyre totally gone.

Some of goodies are Posh hair and Morantique Lush earrings...



Avangarda and Aqua collections are made with high advanced technology, all copyable and including resize scripts which you can delete to reduce possible lag, after adjusting.All pieces available separately.

Check it out in Morantique Lush now xoxo




You don’t love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her.

Dress-Boudoir Sweet Celeste
Skin-LeLutka Lola
Earrings-Morantique Lush

♥ Vita

We are proud to anounce the release of most advanced and detailed dining set in Second Life

Gorgeous dining set with several accessories in several colors is finaly available.

9 different colors for chairs, all COPY permissions.

Abiss-Interior---Tanto-diniMain features :

Several colors foor both table (3) and tablecloth (11)

Auto rezzing cutlery, wine, cruet...

Food picker from plates

Chairs with multiple sit animations

Intimacy version available - cuddle and sex poses

Come and check it out in Abiss now!


Regards, Frasha





“She should not die, so young and beautiful. At least, she should not die alone.”
J.R.R. Tolkien

Dress-Sweet Death,Boudoir
Skin-Dream Ink Design
Hair-Sawode(part of Luna skin pack)
Earrings-Morantique Lush
Lashes-LeLutka(part of Lola skinpack)

♥ Vita

As a well known hedonist, absolut joy consumer i m full of fetishes as a bear shet in the woods.
One of my fetishes is lelutka skins for sure, each time i get a goodie bag from Minnu i m in
serious exctasy, knowing my ava is gonna reach another generation in its evolution.
This time its Lola, name automatically reminded me of Shapeshifters song Lola's theme

I love couture and i love diversity but hell i like mainstream sequin vest and it would be
certainly my first choice in rl, after all i am an balkan girl, grins. This awsome piece i can
mix and match with loads of different ideas and styles is from Meghindo and guess what
shes balkan girl too:D Big clutch is made by Valena Glushenko for upcoming line in LeLutka.

Absolutely best lace suit my eyes were laid on in sl and rl, concidering lady gagas ones she copied
so unsuccessfully from Grace Jones and concidering french vouge editor one she put together with that disaster of cape, the one made by my dear Vitabela from Boudoir is total hit and top 5 piece in my sl wardrobe.


Here comes Maitreya shoe that gives long wished feature and thats stocking/sock on sculpted foot. Really wanted to mention best cleavage enhancer i came across so far in sl and using it
with no matter wat skin, tho i would prefer have several tones, communication with dear japanese creator was somewhat hard to obtain. Its one from Dr Life skin store and its absolutely
pretty and realistic.

[ 69 ] RIDE - Platinum Blonde
LeLutka LOLA_skissed-makeup1 L brows hairbase
Morantique Lush - Carrie earrings
{Meghindo's} Silva
Lace jumpsuit Boudoir
Drlife cleavage enhancer
Maitreya Gold Allure Midnight stocking
Poses from Poses4Posers




"I always get what I aim for
And you heart'n soul is what I came for
...Lola wants
...Lola gets
...You'll never win
I'm irresistible, you fool,
Give in...Give in...Give in."

Exclusive preview of Lola ,the newest skin from LeLutka,it's simply irresistible...I'm sure many of you wont be able to wait this new release!
Coming soon!

Dress,newest addition to Boudoir collection,newest 69 hair(you can buy it only if you join group)...pumps Tesla!

♥ Vita

For a longest time i m in love with BIG lush jewelry making and finally this couldnt go
any other way but to start new brand of this type of decor, Morantique Lush.


Just opened new main showroom in Liberty city and released line "Viel of modern vintage"
which is tag line for Morantique Lush, all in one


Here is some preview of the first line, all jewelry is
copyable and with resize script inside. Some of these you can find in new main showroom
for Vita's Boudoir at the new location on Zora.


quicksilver hat

sakura boudoir

smoked ikebana

pearl dispersion

precious smoke

First Boudoir hats collection available in Boudoir!

Skin and hair Orage Creations
Bodices part of the dresses from Boudoir and Paper Couture.

jumpsuit boudoir


By many requests I made sexy black lace jumpsuit,seen on many celebs...available in Boudoir!

Boots-Maison Broceliande