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    Morantique LUSH - 3D accessorie design baked and rendered with autodesk Maya, part of virtual brand Morantique. Available in Liberty region and Marketplace.

Archive for March 2010

My friend Antosperandeo Allen released 3 new high quality AOs with serious animation
detailed work for his brand BehaviorBody.

BehaviorBody-Classic Style  AO v1

Sofisticated, classic and celeb you can check out in his main
store now on Baiastice sim and get for some super affordable price.

BehaviorBody-Sophisticated AO v1

What really got me, with animations themselves which are drafted to their perfection,
is a new HUD design of AO that gives you so much more posibilities and really makes
a difference.

BehaviorBody-Celeb AO v1

Morantique is proud to be part of Spurce Your Space event that brought together all
great designers of interior and exterior design in SL. I made Silhouette swing for the
first spring month, month of March and you can look at it in Morantique main store.


Hey there, Sprucers :) just a reminder that today is the final day of Weekend 2 of our Straight Out Of the Trailer Extravaganza!! Don't miss out on this weekend's great deals!


Also check out new spring trees and grass in Morantique in Liberty city

I was so thrilled with a new Burton's movie Alice in Wonderland i saw 10 days ago
i was so inspired to make several lovely things that really got to me as a dreamy
pieces from this beautiful and IMHO successful film about everlasting Alice and
her journies.


Morantique Alice in Wonderland skybox empty comes in 3 different versions
to meet your needs of prims:
- 18 prims basic version contains two scenes: magical forest and alice in wonderland enviromental spheres
- 31 prims basic version with two scenes and sculpted paths
- 38 prims basic version with two scenes and sculpted paths with stairs


Morantique Alice in Wonderland skybox full comes with mentioned 3 different versions
of basic skybox plus all you can see in display of this built on this location

Morantique/Mad Hatter Tea Party set
All Morantique trees
Morantique Alice in wonderland roses copy
Morantique Alice in wonderland tuplis
Fata Morgana carousel
Hip Spring carousel
Valentino Due dining set
Enviromental sounds


Love, Morantique

Most beautifully textured and animated
set of modern furniture in Abiss out now.