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Archive for November 2009

Dashing. Fierce. Evolution. Grace.

estelle by mo

Thats how i was inspired to think of new Minnu's skin for her brand LeLutka

she released today. Tried to browse tru the favorites of each skin tone

which is, however, impossible beacause Minnu always does completely new

make up work on each skin by itself. Still here is number one on my list

from each skin tone: Fair, Pale, Light, Sunkissed and Suntan

Since i m total psycho about building and redoing themes in Second life
from RL in which new render of SL viewer helps a lot i redid my sim
and wanted to share with you. Theme is Verona shopping streets
Did i make it or no, is up to you to check out on Camis island

new morantique posh camis island8pm

new morantique sim_001

new morantique posh camis island11am

new morantique posh camis island9am



I m absolute worshiper of render light in 3d programs. Took me some time
when came back with new puter to get some settings how to catch
shadow and ray in SL (wish i could found Tesla ones, but apparently
they are gone from her blog).


Seems all that takes is to go to advanced
menu >> debug settings >> TRUE to renderuseFBO and renderdeferred
and voila my favorite 3d setting is up and going. Now to celebrate this
got a new dance from my friend Cheri Pye /shes always full of goodies<3/
and dancing my new kookie shoes out on one of my favorite DJLudvig's 
sets he did in Detroit from Dusk to Dawn and on and on...

fast light

1th outfit: Skin Lelutka Eclat Light
Mustache { Pompadour} White Chocolat
:: Genesis :: Zbilja Eyes (Blue)
*LP* Oktavia overalle black
*Kookie* Athena/ Black

2nd outfit: New  Baiastice_Breitschwanz Jacket
Friday Neva Happy Blond
LeLutka Rockin pants black
::: B@R ::: Emanuela Black purse

Abiss Home Theater

Frasha Boa released two new gorgeous projects worth of every mentioning. First one is Home Theater


which is set up as empy skybox where on one click you get all details from perfectly detailed furniture in form of rounded couch-bed and 2 armchairs with banana table like, on shelves there are even little Oscar sculptures and i love the most detail of old movie posters all around the walls of this highly render light detailed built

Second one is best dungeon i saw, knowing many friends of mine love the theme of castles for their homes, this one is certaintly worth of checking out on Abiss Homes sim

Abiss Dungeon keep

Where to start where to end. I like it all from new LeLutka Fall/Winter 2009

lelutka0city hat

Today i m gonna write, however, about favorite hat made by Thora Charron which is made like   city with clouds with happy place pink building in the middle, goes perfect with a lip my favorite make up from light Eclat skin made by Minnu Palen for LeLutka


What i found very interesting and first time when buying a skin is that for 1500L you get new eyebrows shapes , eyelashes, skins with dark brows and light ones as well as with beautifuly drawn hair baseline for dark and light haired people and 4 hair attachmenets which make this actual hairstyle finalizing whole face look. In the pack is included 2 layers of pubic hairs. Backline of this skin is my favorite, looking so smooth and fine . Makeup i m favoritizing is number 6 from light Eclat skins, though each skin tone has its own new makeups so i like many of them no matter the tones.


Check out newly beautifuly built stores on sims of LeLutka and find your 
favorites, i m sure theres pleanty for everyone.

Completely new hair styles and new hair textures and colors
check em out in Posh main store

(Posh) ; Peaceful Ad

Posh Peaceful in 

(Posh) ; Careless Ad

Posh Careless

(Posh) ; Watcha Say Ad


                                                                                          Posh Watcha say

(Posh) ; Celebrity Ad

Posh Celebrity

(Posh) ; Vendetta Ad

                                                     Posh Vendetta