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Archive for September 2009

kimono harem

Total IT for the switch season from summer to Fall 2009
are kimono dresses and harem pants, touch of far and near
East coming together in perfect with some dark, in this combination,
absolutely strong colors of dark red wine and black making a statement of their own.

bffae2In this mix comes skin with significant name Antoinette, reminder
of a fashion of its own from time when french court was the
center of the world as same as its mistress Marie Antoinette.
These are made by Analeigh from Bffae, with fun fun mmm just intriging
names Drama, Ocean, Classic,Inkpen, Skittles, Violette...bffae-antoinette-1

Maitreya Zoe-Natural Blond
Sweetaholic Reien kimono, belt and neck garement
Bffae Anoinette Drama skin by Analeigh Piers
Exodi Zbilja blue eyes
B@R Bellissima Vine bag
Coco CroppedHarem pants
Fishy Strawberry Gun black leather pants

Modeling posing by Maitreya


>TRUTH< Alyssa - mirage
Laq Lacie skin
Exodi Zbilja blue eyes
* Sweetaholic/*Reien1.0 Neck Adornment
+grasp+/Loose Style Cami/plain
*Fishy Strawberry* Benatar Leather Pants
Garden of Ku Tattoo Day of the Humingbird 2009
::: B@R ::: Tina Black



Baiastice Fall collection 2009 is out now in the main store
for Baiastice. Whole collection is show off of strong woman
dominating in black with a touch of red and white romanticism
recalling us of chinese silks. 


Sequin,patent leather, black satin little black dresses flirting  with french berette
 and chinese style hats this time colliding alta moda italiana with
touch of parisian nites and far east tradition trough accessories matching.


Shown: Baiastice_Geometric lace
Baiastice_BlackAndrea dress, Fur jacket, bag
hats and onyx jewelery by Baiastice also

rest is: {fascino} Gorg Orchid hair
Laq Lacie skin
Redgrave Black Darling lashes
Sheer black fishnet gloves
LeLutka long cigarette holder 100's

special thanks to LeLutka Poster poses
photos taken in new upcoming skybox by Abiss

I m back from all wanted and not so wanted vacations, my pc was about to die then it didnt,
i have a feeling one more second life update and my cpu wont be able to take it, take it easy
LL! PPls pcs are dying suffering daily cause of SL nothing else ever shut down my computer than this guy:S
What a perfect time to come back to something or to start something all over then early fall,
Secondguru is still here after over 2 years and it needs some attention in this
favorite time of the year for sho (Co xD). When i m into my building i cant catch up
tho fashion planet helps so, with fashion ITs inworld ,and i must say so many new
promising designers out there, it became more difficult each time.
Today i m posting one store only and very special designer Karla Marama with her store Pr!tty!


Thought i ll pick my favorite but it turned out to be newest release from Pr!tty, totally hearting
tights which Karla announced to me shes gonna make in the future and more.Lovely satin eternal little black
dress for city walks in the early afternoons, Hair is from Pr!tty as
well and all the rest Karla is makin' you can check out freely its fun fun and it's Pr!tty.

Runaway model hair, necklace, dress and tights - ALL Pr!tty

LAQ Lacie 05 skin

Stardust poetic eyes