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Archive for April 2009

something new something old_003

I had to post this harem pants jumpsuit because its gonna be defenetly my style for the summer 2009 sl/rl, gladiator sandals in gold that AOHARU released are already my style for 5 years now in rl. I was wondering when will someone make super quality flat sandale with the open toe and with yabusaka elven ones these are the best! Quality and perfomance 5 +

something new something old_011
+. Ryker Beck sorted herself in the best jewelery company along with Caliah Lyon and with this Monarchy set which is runned by a menu where yu can pick if color of your necklace/bracelet/earring, i choosen copper as my favorite. Miss Mallory from Laqorki suprised everyone with new skin 2 days ago, remake one of her old skins, Tess, putting fat pack on sale for 1990L!Lovliest found on my bday was this SD Boutique Chiffon dress matched with my favorite shoes by Kookie.
Poses are a preview of upcoming new series of modeling posing from Morantique made by moi.

something new something old_013
1th photo: Armidi Hair - The Envy - Ivory
  LAQ - Tess 07 Fair Glow skin
[LeLutka]-DIVA lashes/color scripted redone by Mo
 :: Genesis :: The Monarchy Set
  {SMS} Baggy Suit Plum jumpsuit

2nd photo: ETD Felicity Platinum hair
            LAQ Kat  05 glow skin
                         Genesis Monarchy set in Coper
3rd photo: LeLutka LondonRevolutionLight 8b
[ glow ] Studio - Shutter shades day version
[CoL ] - Genuine - Dusky Rose leather jacket
SD Boutique Chiffon dress
*Kookie* Chic Heels - Salmon Rose

happy easter from morantique<3
Get your free carousel in the main Morantique store, happy easter to eveyone
by Morantique <3


Yesh,now Lutka moves too! LeLutka motion is on and running. Thora from LeLutka released new animations, for man and women, for modeling and AOs along with some

AO unisex exstras. I took photos of each collection and others is for you to try them out in LeLutka motion store which is situated behind main LeLutka Mode store on LeLutka Mode!


Runo Runo released some beautiful new items like this super chic bikini
i m wearing, plus petal dress for 0L which i find to be gorgeous for summer upcoming
days and nites!

Brutus from Pididdle is making new hairs and Locust hair is preview from what is coming in Piddle Salon soon!


1th look: [LeLutka]-HEIDI Hair - Beach Blond
Poetic Colors - bonus - star dust
Laqroki Kat 02 Fair glow skin
*YourShape* Freebie Earrings
*YourShape* freebie wood bracelet
~*RunoRuno*~ Ribbon Bikini
<> Elven Sandal Box flat

2nd look:

PIDIDDLE Salon - Locust - Bleached
Poetic Colors - bonus - star dust
Laqroki Kat 02 Fair glow skin
*YourShape* Freebie Earrings
*YourShape* freebie wood bracelet
~*RunoRuno*~ Petal Dress
~*RunoRuno*~ Ribbon Bikini
<> Elven Sandal Box flat


LAQ Elin 02 Fair Glow skin
[LeLutka]-GRACE Hair - Beach Blond
GLOW Avantgarde. eyelashes - linkas
Emery - Outfit Ringleader of the Tormentors biker jacket
Lelutka Mick pants/black
Baiastice Querelle decollete black shoes




Eyepatches were used to be worn by sailors or pirates or as an ugly
"accessorie" during an eye ingury. Now, eyepatches became avangard piece of 
jewelery, that was presented in this seasons fashion shows -> D&G in rl as an
ultimatively chic and avangarde piece of jewelery.

Sissy Pesoa
from Baiastice is presenting her idea of this lovely accessoaire in the
shape of diamonds and golden chains. Her item has a menu with resize,
gem color different types of gems and different colors for the chain.It will 
be soon available at the main Baiastice store!


!lamb. Bang Bang - Butter (straight bang)
Burroughs Eyes - Tribute to Van Gogh - Limited Edition-Irises
Cupcakes seduction Cameo fairy
Baiastice eye_patch diamonds
Emery - Dress El Rayo

Today, i m writing about 2 coolio things that hit the grid and me as well.  First is Aria office chair from Abiss which inspired me  to pick this theme for the post, which, automatically reminded meof Justin<3 and his passion for tv show "Office" ;P. New feature is that the chair reclines when your avatar chooses to do so, animatingthe body of avatar and object itself which i found to be very coolio since so realistic.


Second inspiration matching this theme perfectly was a found of animations from japanese store called "Mamesando Rings" which sells some very coolio made animas for little bit dramatic AO
i alwas find to be my priority. What i liked, particualary, in these animations is
the effect of "breathing movement" of avatars body.There, among other things,i spoted
out great and very tacky animations which inspired me to make very busy PHONE AO.


Yes, i dislike phones in rl, but in SL this turns out to be pretty fun
toy. Searching for some serious yet not big L spending phone i didnt come
up with except that japanese cute girly phones i forgot where to get,so
i reached in LeLutka 100% plastic bag and took that phone out, found to be
very chic and serving the purpose. Tacky in rl is something i avoid on daily
bases, but in SL it can be fun, fun, fun and give you extravagante look only
if you know where and when to cross the line. Cherry on top is this !Lamb 
hairstyle i like so much that i m thinking about cut my hair just like that
for the following season thats before us.


!lamb. Bang Bang - Butter (straight bang)
*CUPCAKES - Seduction - Cameo - Fairy
LeLutka Falcon eyes
*<3C!* White Lacy Shirt
[LeLutka]-VALENTINA/long system skirt
MAIKI Maitreya Long legging black