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Archive for February 2009


So what if winter still didnt pass and spring is not yet here, tho i hoped it was, well that snow efed all up yesterday nite,
but now i ve have had enough and i want summer - now! Ok, thinking of bless them aussies, i should be careful what
i wished for but erg.. i miss my beach. This is all Onyx's from Maitreya fault! She released whole new line including
this gorgeous tunic i would wear whole summer long, with some bathing suit during the days as i ve choosen this
time to post or some black slim pants for summer nites. I hit on on myself some cream called bodyoil from Bijou,
actually, there are some that arent grosse and tacky mhmmm. I was waiting with what i could post these sweet
indian flats i got in miss's Sister Myoo Glam Rock store, found this oportunity to be perfect for that...
Eventho i m over the top maybe with this gipsy, hippy boho looks i m obvious suger for, that Paper couture necklace
took all to the another direction, i surely hope so (some have to live in hope, thats all they have sometimes)


!lamb lovetones- butter hair
*Mayden couture* - Melinda 2Kskin
:bijou: PlatinumBodyOil [Light]
Maitreya StraplessTop L- Satin Champagne
Last Call Cyrene Striped Bikini Bottom (nolongerav:/)
P.C.; Pearl Strand Set


Isnt this one happy, perky, fluffy outfit. Just for the walks on the spring promenades in the sunday afternoons. Oops if you're into wearingbow legging and 2938420 inch shoe, it surely is! Makes you wanna dance balet or oh oh even better you feel like ... skydiving. And on top of that, another bow on top of your heads so you go so tiptop. Now i ll fluffff away so my black rise on stove doesnt go poof!

VintageWear Fashion Pop Platinum
Baiastice_Donnarama_ Valentine skin
&Bean - Reckoner Peach Frill
Armidi - (f) Classic Pinstripe Blazer [Cream
&Bean - Signalling through the flames Mog Fluff skirt
amplify * ribbon seam tats tattoo


You CAN join Morantique group now, enrollment is open now (you can find it in groups by Mo Miasma, thats me;P) and get Valentino Due dining set for couples in the notices of the group. Contains 2 sits with new dining animations, Menu Alla Rho, dining mats, romantic candles, rose vase and one table with special desert on touch;). You can get it on xstreet/morantique now too. Its going to be there only for next 24 hours.

Happy Vday by Secondguru & Morantique<3>


For this spring Morantique has new freebie this time thats
music box which on touch plays "An den blauen Donau"
by Johann Strauss

morantique hip spring petite freebie


!lamb. Breeze - Butter
PXL creations Grace Fair Antivalentines day group gift skin
[SG*] Desire - Brown
::TB:: Satin High Waist Shorts
&Bean - &Bean - I Kill her! top
Maitreya Mishima Dawn - Patent Liquorice

Pose is Piddle "She thought"! well she thought wrong.

One of my favorite places in SL introduced to me  by Rho year ago is
Rivata Haunted house is where i took these pictures. This post is for all of those who dispise Valentines
theyre whole life, feeling valentines should be every day not only on this
one day of a year, for those who have been hurt, abandoned by love, all 
those who feel sad and empty, this is for us people...

rivata blues

nO, i Wont trY to be next go fug yourselF sl version i m just gonna say
i like it chockolate, and any season, sun burning my butts or cold, its
kinda smoothing. and yEs this font playing i red today in some article about 
typography rules indEsing  iS --well ... new brOwn

!lamb. Breeze - Butter hair
(VW) Fame Shades - Diamond on Jet 
(creamshop) glam earring (wood) 
:bijou: Blaze shortbolero
* Mimikri - Darcie safari/Dress
LeLutka -LEGGINGS/browns
- Tesla - Kensington Chokolate boots

Poses: Piddle - Two-headed girl
Morantique MMP - Act 3



Mo is wearing:
Redgrave Leona
Fabulous Old school earrings
Redgrave Black darling eyelashes
(VW) Flat Iron War Blonde hair
Poetic eyes Sunny glade
:bijou: (Option)Absinthe [White set] blouse
:bijou: (Option)Absinthe belt
LeLutka Alexa wide pants
LeLutka Grey gloves
What Rho is precisely wearing i m not sure, have
to ask her when i see her.
Both playing Sotoko's Electric violins