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Archive for January 2009


Inspired by Sonne Rammstein and Enigma's TNT for the brain video, Baiastice new skin, open toe shoe by Maitreya with very interesting name Dangerous and grunge brocade scene npowered with glitter lamps and fabulous bracelets


>TRUTH< Mary - Night
Baiastice Donnarama Porcelaine 1(BK) skin
Blowpop Tuesday Caramel Eyebrow Shaper 2
Redgrave Black darling eyelashes
Kunstkammer Demonia eyes black
Z's Wolven Stole Black
(P-K) Belted Blazer Noir
LeLutka-SOLANGE shorts
Tete A Pied black leather gloves
.::FabulouS::. Black Sheep Bangle(R)-Gold
Maitreya Frenzy - Dangerous


Good part of Sl is that you can have spring as soon as you want.
I wanted now:D
>TRUTH< Carrie - Seaspray
poetic eyes poison ivy
resonable desires maids gloves
Redgrave Leona smoky hair
:::: B@R ::: White Rose Anthem
Alice White Lace Outfit by INSOLENCE


The boots i m going to write today Less, show More i find to be one of the best i found in world, made by italian designers in SL you can get Terminus, tesoromio&freyr, Humuli (87, 178, 24) . This boot has been found on xstreet as a full perm items, but concidering you can share it with your friends makes it even Hotter. Matched for this occasion with redgrave moon skin mystic make up with serious eye shadowing, LeLutka Aradia hair in natural blond, poetic eyes starry night, MichaMi down part of jumpsuit from outfit and Baistice leather and lace piece from Sassy's incredible last collection and voila

I Have to Mention the Background i was using for this photos, made on the wall by the last house released by Oggy Bonetto from Abiss called read this now! Triomino House mhmmmmm!!! with decals MarilynM. from House of Molinaro which will be available in new store for Morantique soon. Thank You guys! <3
LeLutka Aradia hair natural blond
Poetic eyes evening sky
Redgrave moon Pale mystic
Baiastice_Leather&Gazar lace-special edition
MichaMi: Carmela Bustier Bottom in Black
Terminus, tesoromio&freyr,Leather Woman Overknee Boots Fullperm


Today i m not into writing (when am i, i dont know), eventho there is much to write about, like for an instance, how some people who are blogging outfits doesnt want to reply about their appearance and what are they wearing in their post, if you ask in their comments, which i find to be rediculous, and why are you blogging then. How some people accused others of lying when these said "oh you are doing this drama and bashing only to promote your own blog so you can sell it tru banners", how most of people i know dont read blogs, just watching pictures and where did the blogger get the items. And guess what, i am one of them too, never was actually reading, found fashion planet to be resource of the places and items i want to visit and get in SL. What i am into tho is posting this outfit and put data about it next to the picture.

PC Girl Scout Hat
LeLutka Magdalena hair natural blond
Bebae Belina Cinna smokey 2b skin
m.fox hooked necklace- noir stone defying gravity group gift
Redgrave [*RG*] 80's Belt + Biker Gloves --Nacre
M * A * ii * K * I Sculpt Leggings Bronze
(Royal Blue) Tied Metal Charcol and Silver


Kah Kah, and its like i have dressed paris hilton to some humble combination after all that
sequin shining for holidays, my ariese within is so much into, what can i say. eh well old school
stlye combined of karo pants in capri lenght, oxford
shoes made by Tesla, probably some french type of hat i 've chosen not to wear today to show off my 
new gritty kitty hair and glasses
that will always make you look even more inteligent eventho i dont know how thats possible in my 
case.. shall do pretty good for business meeting or dress to impress client how dedicated i am to my work
and that everything will be done at the time cause i m surely consistant -> I AM SO NOT! worker
they can relay their lives on (i would not suggest that, maybe to some enemy of mine;P At least
you know you will feel as much comfy, sexy and confident as you look wearing this. I m gonna try 

out that, these days in rl too.


Gritty Kitty: BLONDE Brite
redgrave vivian pale brown
FNKY! Semitone (Beige)
poetic eyes evening sky
Twosome - Aubergine Knitted Vest
Leather gloves from Full Avatar_Opium
Freesoul thick wool caro shorts
Love Lace cocoa stocking
Tesla - (bag) High Oxfords bronze