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Archive for November 2008

So today i m writting more about  fall to winter crossover look, where, in this realistic combination, i 've decided to implement four Yip's hairbats from her lun-acy set up i ve bumped into on Crimson Shadow sim, she decided to share with us for free, as usual. Bow to the true artist.


This realistic combination, today, would be consisted of pied de poule brown skirt i found on Alice in Wonderland sim that becomes to be one of my favorite shopping destinations already and put it together with Tonktastic leather jacket. For this combo like for many others in sl i seriously needed what Thora from Cachet made and released among other items as a MMS group's thanksgiving gift and that would be woolen scarftube, sweaters with this oversized rich turtleneck without i cant imagine my winters in rl.


So,  now i' m waiting for some serious wide black pants with highwaist if possible if not ok and maybe some short eko fur in mink jacket, cause , honestly i loved sculptied ones from Cubic Effect but that waist solution somehow didnt work for me ...

YIPs lune-acy hairbats
(Yummy) Mom Glasses - Classic Tortoise 
*KUROTSUBAKI* turtle sweater C 
TonkTastic - Weathered jacket (brown)
Made in Heaven and hell [MIH] Maider skirt brown

Yes, its paradox, but thats how i feel wearing this combo. You see
for yourself why...I love my founds of these ultra low
jeans from this guy Trav Mokeev and i read in his profile
he' s planning to open big store soon, curent one is happening
in Alice of Wonderland sim. They won my favorite jeans award!
Other fabulous item is certainly fabulous old school earrings from 
Fabulous by Dango Jewel->our partner in crime, you can check 
out on Juicy sim as well...
AKEYO_Fedora_Gingham hat
+++DEJAVU+++YURIA Caramel brown kosa
Redgrave skin Jennifer smoky 4
.::FabulouS::. OldSchool Earring-Gold
Tattoo the Red Dragon_GoK tattoo - Garden of KU
WWI Stripper Bikini-WorldWide Industries
Tru Manifest Ultra Low Rise Red Belted Jeans
Stiletto Moody Pinup Spike (Red Tartan - Black)

In honor of Frozen Turquoise Valentine's new Fall line and the celebration of it's first birthday, FTV is sponsoring a photo contest where you will have the possibility of showcasing your fabulous creativity with the new releases and "Step out of the frame" ( MEN AND WOMEN LINES). 
In exchange for investing your time and draining a bit of that amaizing creativity, you'll also have a chance to win FABULOUS $$$CASH$$$ PRIZES!..... lots of linden cash, gift cards and the oportunity of having your picture displayed in the store for everyone to see and worship you... hahahaha.

So here are the guidelines.... 

1. Join the FTV-Frozen Turquoise Valentine Group using search or if you prefer and struggle with the SL groups like i do.... Click on the Join the Update group located under the tree in the FTV Main Store....

2. Grab your favorite outfit(s) from the Men/Women Fall Line (located on the second floor of the Main Store) and go nuts. Post-processing is welcome so really get creative. Submit your photo and SL name via email to: ftvalentine@gmail.com
before December 10th of 2008. Winners will be announced on December 12nd.
1st Place: 5.000 L$ +  
  5.000L$ Gift Certificate from Frozen Turquoise Valentine +
  4.000 L$ Gift Certificate from Morantique.
   2nd Place: 3.000 L$ +  
  3.000L$ Gift Certificate from Frozen Turquoise Valentine +
  2.000 L$ Gift Certificate from Morantique.  
  3rd Place: 2.000 L$ +  
  2.000L$ Gift Certificate from Frozen Turquoise Valentine +
  1.000 L$ Gift Certificate from Morantique.  
Have lots of fun!!! xD

  XoXo, Valenttina Carfagno.
New closets from Morantique: .on touch changable background texture of the closet
. sliding mirror doors

Dont know when or how, but i never knew of PARK West store till my dear friend Xia
Xevious didnt share this with me, saying this is one of her favorite stores.
There i found this marvelous sexy simple black dress called Satin Nights and
few items more...

Browsing on onrez, remembered me of SiniStyle whose jackets
and coats are seriously one of the best in my inventory, so i got Death Dealer
coat and aditional part which turns this item into best biker jacket my eyes spoted
so far in world. Jacket is resizebale by touching each sculptie part and getting the menu. Fiercy and ultimately my favorite look would be MMS's Keira hair in
natural blond and MMS Helsinki skin 3b makeup whose serious dark eyeshadowing is what i absolutely prefer. MAIKI black stocking tights did a job perfecty with some Tesla Hylda black boot or Stiletto Moody black ankle ones.

New Enigma's album Seven lifes many faces is out, i m listening to Enigma since i was 13 and can say it affected my person all together,  i ll be under the influence for some time now,
and today i was inspired by Fata Morgana doing this post and taking pictures on Templum ex Obscurum, very "Engimatic" sim i must say.

Tweed, leather, wool, sheer stocking, classic, comfy fall look any fall, any season...


ETD Yvette - Platinum
P.C; Faceted Dark Garnet earrings
Guild of Crie Monokel (Antique clock)
[MG fashion] Hunting Season Outfit sweater - crimson
-NIHILISMOST-Red Eva-Leather Jacket
Tete a Pied Brown leather gloves
Baiastice 2009 croccodile brown bag
Back Seam stockings sfp
TESLA Marie Shoes DoubleChoc
Morantique modeling pose-Bagme


She is curbing her emotions, providing her unconditional love and emotion to only the most nessesary hearts.

There is a monokel of time over her eyes. She "watches" and waits for the right time to make the best moves for her life.

She is not concerned with the pointless schpeals of mediocre minds.
Le Petit Prince cap from sexadoll officer pack military
MMShair-Donatella - Beach Blond
=GC-Monokel (Antique clock)=

Redgrave Jennifer 03 Pale deep red
*LeeZu Baxter* Bo Leather Dress /black
Defectiva Cyber Arm
!Fairlight Arc Gauntlets MKII 2.0
Raggy Ass Stockings & Belt with 8 Garters
R2 "Pele" Black boots

written by Rhonda Molinaro
Photo by Mo Miasma

Shai released 4 new IT plaid textured dresses with a lace, i dont know when, 
but i found it today. I' m big suger for red so i got tartan plaid one, and theres
one in classic brownish plaid texture and one in plaid de poule (english name for
this texture is houndstooth as my dear Rho has thought me, thank you Rhoxoxo:)
With this i m wearing new awsome crockodile bag from Baiastice, which is
about to be released /you get resizeable with or without holding a bag AO/,
me personally lof big bags. 
MMShair Ribbon natural blond
Redgrave Jennifer Peackok skin
Shai Siobhan red dress (gloves included)
R2 "Pele" Brown boots
Baiastice 2009 croccodile black bag

+ feather fest!
Nothing, i mean nothing can beat my love towards lace! I love beige lace, black lace, red lace but of them all i adore brown lace the most (still my favorite piece from my rl closet would be lace dress in chocko which has always substituting little black dress for me so tremendously well for years).I love it mostly on anything except langerie! This fall almost everything comes in lace, like shirts, luxious blouses, dresses of course, perfect for total lace look, Prada realeased to be the look she has based her whole collection this fall on. What most amazes me are shoes, Alexandar McQueen's shoe and balkan/cro designer Anita Zannotti Stulec made whole shoe and boot collection lacey and to die for! So many good lace pieces have been made in world so i m giving you the major cut of this everlasthing, ultrasexy yet super chic texturing which is ultimate trend for this fall no matter we talk about total look or details.
MMS hair HERA Natural Blond
*REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -08- BlackDarling
Redgrave Jennifer 09 Peacock
p.c; i love india earrings
p.c; Night Herion
FTV- Ushuaia Gloves (Purple)
Amerie Naughty from (:;S&S;:) Party Girl outfit stockings
Morantique Modeling Pose Hustler 1

feather fest_004
MMShair-O'HARA - Natural Blond
MMS Helsinki Light makeup 1a
Perturbation [P/a] EDEN -Choker/BLACK+Gold
Reasonable desires from French Maid Deux gloves
*PREEN* Black Lace Dress
MMP Hocus Pocus
In an addition, whole feather fest has happend recently in SL and it goes so swell with lace too. SO
Ya, whole Paper Couture collection is about feathers and we all like to prank with it! Sissy Pesoa from Baiastice adds it as wonderful detail to her bags like this Twiggy one soon to be released. 

lace light_001
[Kyoot Hair] - Wynter (Platinum)
Redgrave Jennifer pale brown
p.c; Nightengale blouse
Baiastice Twiggy Fancy pink bag (soon to be released)
Alice White Lace Outfit by INSOLENCE
MMP Eve stands
Btw, there is new freebie for Fall 2008 in Morantique with Danceonsand poses you can rezz on the beach and do your own dancing on the sand and for some photo shots too.