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Archive for October 2008

Hah! To live on my idonthaveinternetconnectionandcannotbeon pains is VERY –well – painful. It has been like someone is ripping my NO FRENCH manicured nails out!, when I couldn’t come to Scarlett Nivens big fashion show with, I m sure, most amazing designs for NIVEN collection this, one of the biggest fashionistas of SL proudly presented on past Friday, Scarl I know you rocked the grid as same as your clothing is going to rock my avatars tosh! Nowhere to be found or even to be peeked at, what her loylal aka in world Jonny dear Galiano highness of sl fashion, Ava Lu squeezed out to be seen on Kudos fashion show from their I HOPE! Soon to be released new line for PC fall 2008. And yes Ava, some animations maker really should make you that *green* Jonny is doing each time he finishes one of his shows, it would suit you so well! I’ve almost cried in Saturday evening CET when I knew my dearest Vale with KMAAD agency < oh I love your vision of bible guys*wink*wink* > is running her show for FTV fall 2008! Vale, belive me I was there, but you didn’t see me, maybe smelled me!? lol. When I saw new Chinon post Mariya and her friend Sofia released I was drooling thinking how new Tesla and Maitreya boots look hot on you guys and yes oh god that’s what I mean when I think of good, quality posting on which can some rl fashion blogs can be envious at. But what destroyed me and my never ever jealous soul turned into wickedest witch of them all was Uma’s new post about new Maitreya Billow boots, yes youre hustler Onyx, that I had this terrible itchy urge to call my bf and tell him to get out of his place and sleep somewhere else, cause I need his net connection to go shop and blog and I need it now!

So what this kind of psycho maniac like my all times dearest Rho would say can do, I ve armed myself with new releases of Cosmo and Elle, FTV running showing overviews of previous fashion weeks, trying to figurate out trends ,find out whats new and what is that attracts me, as same as what exactly is IT this fall, with a purpose to write new post about rl mirroring sl fashion fall 2008..

There are , as usual, some trendy pieces i had to lay my hands on in both worlds, immediately, since they shall be used in 2 styles I m bouncing in between; first one is feminine boho I cherish in both “lifes” and second one is lets call it neo-eighties; I just found out “Fishy strawberry “is covering pretty well in SL with all items which can be found on the virtual shelves of this store me really do like. About all these I can write for hours so as an intro to whole fashion fall report for 2008 I ‘ve decided to start with my favorite look both worlds I m exploiting these days.

First we have long, finger combed, dark blond highlights messy hair and some serious eyeliner /bare lips make up. My absolutely favorite biker leather jacket Alla Kate Moss /excellent replica in RL you can find on www.asos.com/ . In SL Antonia Marat from Artilleri released some serious ones year ago, i saw good one in Emery too, stil I m wearing this one from SD and yes pls, designers, make them more, never enough of those! Under neat, simple tank in plum by Twosome, and washed out jeans in red from Cachet which are big this season, in my book for sure. As a cherry on top is this marvelous high heeled ankle boot made in world by Tesla the closest to what I was thinking about in RL and exquisite croco patent leather /any color can do/kind big letter purse from Cachet (texture redone since this one is modifiable yay!) worn holding it with your fingers or hugging it like your favorite teddy bear, thank you granny you left me fine one in rl, wee for fashionable grannies!

MMS Diva skin Sunkissed 5
MMS hair MINNU Natural blond
SD biker jacket
Cachet Sarah red jeans
Twosome Grapes tank
Tesla Hylda boots in plum
Niven collection black sunglasses
Cachet purple gloves
Muism Two Pink female scupted scarf
Morantique modeling pose Simple Uneasey (soon to be relesased)

So i have been out of SL, not because i wanted to, but because to live on Balkan isnt so much fun all the time (who would ever guess that!) although , for an instance, You have almost free or very cheap holidays on beautiful seaside, but to get fast internet connection can be and did become mission impossible, and blabla anyways. I've realized to be out of SL fashion scene can, actually, unbelivablely but true, be good, cause you get whole new persepective about SL and part of it you ve been living very actively before damn rl kicked you out! To follow and track down all whats happening or has been happening recently in *my all times favorite* world i was reading *thankyousgod* on rss feeding our everyday bread
Fashion Planet and came up with this ideas. Call me crazy goat or rude asshit, but is it me or i can see TOO WAY MANY, and, yes, caps were needed on this, new SL fashion magazines whose layout i wouldnt go and scan as thru a prism of designer which i like to concider myself to be, but tru a prism of a person walking down the street, lay my eye on and would i spend my time to open this and look at it or god forbids read it. Second issue i came up with and which ghosted me around too, was, wow, is it possible that there are more advertizement than decent blogging on the SL blog scene as it was when i first decided to allow myself that much freedom-how i dare to be not native english speaker and write, blog, post whatever!, and become part of it. Do not get me wrong, me of all ppl who is into sales all that can be sold, have nothing against advertizement ,but give us something ppl when youre doing it ,like decent photo wouldnt hurt in some normal pixel size which isnt bigger than my butt!, like that is even possible and its not massaging my brain while i m scrolling down on FP. I have flash news , well it is! I' m not all that crap as it seems so i have to say there are SO MANY and way to go !new fashion houses, good, more less quality but what i cherish the most unique design on which many rl designers would be jealous of and could come and „inspire“ themselves in our world of SL as same as growing and becoming more THEM as it goes to old good SL fashion designers plus making some really super RL replica i m enjoying to wear in world as much as the lather. All congrats are well deserved and go to fashion modeling agencies who are compiting in good will to come up with something originale and beautifuly new, for instance, setups of runaways and fashion shows, advertizment flyers for those, its really neath to look at them and save some of them onto my hard drive, youre a great inspiration and your effort is highly appriciated if that means anything coming from me as your passive obsessive observer and consumer. Further more, my happiness cannot end when i see what kind of an effort many put into developing avatar's special beauty and unique looks which truely i find to be great 3D art as it is by itself. To see personality beyond avatars beauty we all like to „be“ on here and not just another poorly modified Tenshi's shape i m sick of every time i see it, is something i find to be exquisit. Not to mention how is that skin makers cannot see that brasilian bikini zone isnt IT this season, barenaked lady is! or that getting married in SL and having big wedding isnt dream of every girl crossing that street. Now i ll crawl back to my secondguruish hole and keep on doing what i m tending to belive i 'm doing the best and enjoying doing it , thinking how every SL fashion and lifestyle blog should do and why we re all here at the end and that is SL fashion in every possible form, but with some effort on quality, revealing new findings! Uma! hell youre good, and like a neadle in the blast of hay, great pictures oh i spent most of my SL watching those and checking SLURLS around the grid and as less bashing of someones fine work if your ass has been kicked out of that sim and your ego just couldnt survive evenmore, less telling on LL mommy who has stolen whos what while all of us know LL is not our mother and never will be but they provided us world in which we „out of rights“ exist and on that part is very much same as the real world we live in. I am greatful, It has brought me best friends in all lifes, think of what it gave it to you:D