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Archive for May 2008

What is that youre going to take!?


1. Diamonde. Spinal Earrings
2. .:Periquita "Super Dolly " Red Shoe:
(in outlet on Starlust underground)
3. KA design *Meta* red dress
4. BUENOS AIRES Bolero c. red dress
(sells in Shouted Couture boutique)
5. FTV- Long Red Graphic T
6. (Baiastice) Friday night light
7. DARE TNY red leather jacket
8. ::69:: Pyramid Bracelet - Gold/Wine
9. VictoriaV - Red Carpet Evening Dress Katherine
10. J'adore Mo! venetian red pencil skirt
11. =DeLa*= Boots "Devon" Red
12. [Detour] Vintage Empire Dress [Red]
13. BORSACCIA 7 Baiastice bag
14. FNKY! CC3094 (Cherry) glasses
15. (Nylon) Blue Silk Babydoll
16. ~Good Look Design Slinky Gloss Shirt SkyBlue
freebie find by Whinter Paine
17. AT LAST @blue jewell dress blu gown
18. Junk Chunky bangles
19. AOHARU_BT_DenimAllInOne_SkyBlue jumpsuit
20. [Detour] Distressed Denim Mini Skirt 24
21. Maitreya ChiChi pumps blue
22. Abyss F_Boots//TheCatalyst [CyberBlue]
23. K K Cachoo Hello Kitty hoodies by Narumi Watanabe
24. Cachet-GARBAGEtoo neon blue
25. Naima New York Jacket blueblack
26. Paper Couture; BAAR Caught in the Currents
27. Royal blue jumpsuit blue
28. *League Wide Belt~Sea Blue
29. T..a..R..t Annie-blue tunika
30. Trendy &co Heart bead earrings
31. Armidi Gisaci] Dhali Bow Platforms - Prussian Blue
32. :::Last Ride::: Gamaguchi [BLUE] freebie!


Yesterday on the opening day of new Ume Mode on Takaraduka sim
we went to check new stuff out and found whole new collection
of awsome wooden jewelery in earth tones mostly, all that accessories which
i usually do wear in the summertime, new dresses and a summer bag along with
wooden bracelet and super earrings as a freebie on the right side of the main
store wall. Today i came back to Takaraduka
and met Jewel, japanese girl and owner of "Selfish"
(she has some seriously coolio earrings and made this "doll box" great for
modeling you touch and change your modeling poses). She took me to
meet her friends Mirai from Mirai Style, Ocean, An, Mif from
Endeavor and Umeko, girl who stands behind Ume Mode. We friended fast eventho
theyre all japanese ppl, i know how to say sayonara only on that language
but i guess gadget BINTA which is their nacional and
"They Didnt Know About" item and gestures is universal language.
I managed to ask Umeko about her stuff tru japanese friend Ocean who
knew great international english about her work and found out shes making
new items and new clothing. She still keeps her first items sales on other
location you can check out here.

ume mode

hair .+*Miho*+.Gold_MiraiStyle
*::UM::* Bracelet&Earrings FREE GIFT
*UM* Straw Bag
*UM* Sun_Dress [Bitter]
*::UM::* Marble ball_Necklace&Bracelet
(VW) Socialite Shades - Tortoise I&II - Lemon-Lime
*HUB* Venus Sandals, Chocolat
LAP poses by Dove Swanson Beach Babe&Beach Babe Too


Today my dear friend and marvelous Xi<3> - Xia Xevious from one and only Boudoir
accepted to model for this post since she was wearing absolutely yummiest mix and match
i really found to be perfect just like best belgium chockolate (all my love to my belgium girl, she
ll know who she is when she reads this;) is with some yummy cafe latte.

Xia is wearing:
  • Top only as a jacket (Armidi) - {Gisaci} Trend du Jour - Verde
  • Blouse (Armidi) - {Gisaci} Lima Trenchcoat - Yioli
  • Pants (Casa Del Shai) - *Shai* Roche Cocktail Outfit - Nude
  • Shoes (Armidi) - [Armidi Gisaci] Viniani Heel - Bole


As it comes to me i decided to go classy in springish leather today and wear some of
my fav pieces i would and who wouldnt;) wear in RL too, combining PC Fallen tree
hat - you can wear it in everyday life too! - with I lub<3 Emery leather jacket and one of my favorite system skirts from KA designs, along with absolutely one of most glamorous rings of SL made by Anthony7777 Bandit which i would totally recommend to any friend if it wants to ring his/hers partner in world. This "Diamonds party" ring is truely and totally party of SL gems and lush when you have these days you want to go shallow and be "diamonds are forever" girl , isnt that beauty of SL too. He has opened new Jador store these days too on
The Tall Walk sim, where you can check out new shoes with these
gems and clothing by some of the most famous italian creators of SL.
Tesla released NEW Vixens II and this color is absolutely yummy not to mention Amarie
clutch that comes as a cherry on top. Oh what a treat!



We all live in world of medusas. We all have witnessed once more "undermining"
and drama on SL fashion/blog scene, we are all tired of it too, it proved again
SL is part of RL and other way around. Anywhere where creativity, success and
capability exists, jealousy and envy comes along in a package with one mission
only - to destroy. There is something that its proofed to be stronger then this
and that is the power of the simple fact. I wont say much more cause all
its has been said by impartial person on his blog who provided us some simple facts
you can check out on several links and posts -


There are some nice medusas though too, as it was the one from greek mythology, and
that would be fashion medusa, this dress by marvelous "that girl really knows how
to draw" Shai i' ve combined with ZsaZsa exotic wig



Baiastice/Sissy Pessoa is soon to be releasing special limited haute couture
line of clothing called "Attitude". In this preview, i m bringing you 4 outfits
from that special line D'eau Douce, Winding dress, Serene and freebie Snake!


6 outfits from Baiastice Attitude is going to be previewed in two days on Jen's
fashion show and whole collection we' ll be able to check out on May 17th
on Attitude fashion show powered by InStyle Agency. These i ve combined
with Juicy Classic Pumps which i absolutely adore. Those are coming in all
berry and pink tones of colors and ones i m wearing with Serene outfit are
Bubblegums and the other pair i 've combined with D'eau Douce are called
Strawberry and cream, so sweet, ready to eat them all!

baiastice winding

MMS hairs were perfect for combination cause of its special, refreshing touch so
i m wearing Vanessa II and LadyBLOND and some Paper Couture stockings
from Dancing Bears and Jarvis shades. Special piece of jewelery are
(Glam) ** Purple Rose Long Black pearls you can get on GLAM WORLD sim.


Just to post something since i 've been so busy with my RL
and scripting baking/hunting in SL that it makes me really sad for
not having time to post on SG. Todays outfit is what and always
stuns me and even more is powdery colors going all ways
meaning powdery peach, powdery pink, powdery beige, powdery brown... i ve
been totally inspired by impressionism in art, "more is more", glam and
gold this spring that its, most probably, gonna affect my design both
worlds as same as what i wear. Powdery is something really stable
and exists continuously as my preferable palette of colors and moods
to which i cannot resist not even if i try.

Sasy's windlite

Wonderful of powdery colors i ve been able to enjoy in total, thanks to
Sasy Scarborough's windlite settings, no more shadows on my avi's face
no more bad breath or hangover mornings ops i think it doesnt solve that issues;P
Former RaC/ Laqroki now/Mallory, finally, released Lacie skin new overdone edition
which once and for all defined my avi and tho i absolutely lavlav new MMS
specially line Diva cause of makeup-hops i am dared to wear in RL too and Redgrave
skin disease that affected even my already contagious butt umm skin by already
mentioned RaC (i think i ll stick to that name for a while cause old habits
die hard and slow), i always come back to the base of my avi looks that would be
precisely this skin i m talking about.

Therefore i m wearing today:
Laqroki - Lacie Portrait 5 skin
*Muism* Cindy /Golden blonde high light hair
Detour Drama Eyelashes
{Gisaci} Lima Trenchcoat - Ecru
Nymphetamine Paeoti_Tiffany purse
Baiastice Serene gloves from upcoming Attidute collection i m
gonna cover in my next post
P.C; Art Deco earrings
[Armidi Gisaci] Barcelona Slingback - Peach Rose