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Archive for April 2008

In greatest grief and sorrow we announce to You, our dear friends
and our even more dear enemies that our dear (what else!)
Mo Miasma and her PC abandoned us some time during April


(who would take care of all of this shit, when and where they dropped
dead), funeral will take place HERE AND NOW ... pause (Borat, Borat)
NOT! LOL! Secondguru is back, mean witch of the east and west Mo
too baaaaaaa! Her black cat aka PC too (that bastardo!)


SO i m finally writing today about something i should have Stone Ages ago
and that is marvelous new item came out from workshop by Frasha Boa
new house Yella by Abiss. This house has over 500 prims, fits your 4096m2
parcel, has 2 floors plus on the third bedroom with changeable wallpapers.


On the first floor you have first bathroom and toilet integrated and 3 rooms,
imagined to be office, gym, lounge club, spa or whatever you want them to be.


On the second floor theres integrated kitchen which colors can be changed in
3 different ones and one small bathroom with toilet too. All 3 floors are linked with
totally coolio stairs but tp system as well.


This is all awsome but this house isnt special over this but its specificity is in the
new feature every house in SL should have and thats game of SHADOW AND


making all Abiss products to be MORE realistic what is we all aim for
in SL after all, to bring and make this 3D virtual world more realifistic.


As You all know, Secondguru is web site about SL fashion and lifestyle where
we tend to bring you news and olds from sl fashion and lifestyle thru photography
and editorials more, writing less, cause one photo says more than a thousand words.
When i went and built web site in June 2007 and created idea and content with rest of
secondguru founders, one of the main reasons was to be able to speak out when time comes on here, since i found (and not only me) fashion and blog scene to be very double even more, triple faced, full of envy and vanity which usually makes me react in both lifes. Articles like the one by Tenshi Vielle make me feel this way, so i have something to say on this matter already and for once.

I am not a close friend of Minnu and Thora, im not their employee, i m not selling advertizement space on Secondguru web site or its blog, as Tenshi does on her blog, using this "kind of weapon"* to get readers and to pull attention by masses which i find to be so pathetic and bellow any standards of dignity of being a blogger in Second Life.

I dont get anything in exchange of writing this here today on Secondguru, except
fighting for my own right to express my enjoyment in such clothing as the ones Cachet presents to us , which is providing me everything i expect out of quality sl clothing line and that would be variety, mix of originality and some "breeze" of pieces and real couture from RL wich i do not use in RL for a number of reasons, and finally the possibility to use items which creation has been inspired by RL design to mix and match building whole new meaning, touch of appearance and new look of debutable items.


I have been witnessed, as all of us who take part of SL fashion planet feed as readers, observers or writers, publishers did, that author of the her blog Tenshi Vielle has this very often way to take an action upon certain situations and people
in SL, we like to call it "Tenshi' s witch hunting", where shes using pretty low weapons and accusations calling them facts which
would be well accepted in some chicklit novel or in some baba's gathering place, calling them notorious facts which these
certainly are not.
Notorious fact is that this is Second Life and theft and copy would be everything that was once produced in here or it has
been stolen with copybot or it was remade in the very same manner like the first item in dispute. Inspiration, using of ideas
and even copying of RL designs is one of aspects why SL exists, cause not all of us are >Tenshi Vielle
and many have right to make, build or create in SL manner something we would like to enjoy at in RL and for some reason we re not able to.
I found article Cachet= McQueen to be be personal attack and bashing of one person, this time that would be Minnu Palen,
not even mentioning Thora Charron who is the owner and creator of most of Cachet's items which shows to every
single of us that theres something rotten in state of Tenshi. I am wondering hows that, for example, Paper couture hasnt been
called out, when copying Dior in last Spring's collection on few items, Miko from Icing with her Anne Hataway
red dress from Oscars or Barnesworth with his french riviera replica of stores and buildings.. Because we all enjoy it
and admire possibility of those ppl to bring us in world and make such items for us to be able to enjoy it in here
and i cannot see why i shouldnt or couldnt do it and why we wouldnt have right to enjoy it. This way, i felt not Minnu Palen has been
called out, i felt like all designers and creators as same as consumers of these products that includes me personally has been called out
pointed out to be the ones who are doing something terrible, ugly, WRONG, so who is next tomorrow, it can be anyone of us,me? For using brocadehome.com as my inspiration from RL or Louis xiv, XV and XVI theme, should i be prosecuted and burnt
over that from the french goverement? Many designers, creators, writers and common ppl of second life inspire me in my every
day RL work and i m more then greatful ON THAT. If someone doesnt have respect for me as individual and my drives i wont show
any respect either. This is my appeal to stop this kind of bashing and commenting without any decency and limits or for the rest of
us to ignore it giving it zero attention what so ever.

Live and let live. Make Fashion Planet feed the place of glorifying of any creation in SL which harms none and makes happy
some, not mistaking and manipulating freedom of speech for blow-off valve of personal jealousy and envy, personal vendettas,
playing of lawyers putting your own ideas and perception of this virtual world upon the others in such manner:

*- "UNGRATEFUL! What on earth do we
have to thank Minnu for? She doesn’t deserve any thanks any more
than another SL designer. You really do make me giggle - is Minnu your new personal god? We should
be bowing and thanking her for opening our eyes to FASHION? Copied fashion, transvestite skins."
quoted Tenshi from her blog


As we all know, new Minnu Model Skins are about be released, as same as new line of hair by Minnu and Thora and new line of their clothing Cachet Spring 2008!


I m huge fan of them all, as same as half of the grid, ok whole grid lol is, specially when comes to Cachet which is one of my all favorite existing in SL.


I m truely proud to bring on Secondguru and to all of us, preview of this absolutely excellent line which presents perfect mixture of classic/trendy look. Whole line is saturated with combination of my all time favorite color peach and rich powdery palette of colorswith playful mat and shiny textures, fine flexi skirts which can be worn from morning, all day long and turn into sofisticated evening outfit!


Hats in powdery spring colors, shades, bags made of shells and corsets are main carriers of this "blush yourself" line, so lets all enjoy and play some more, see ya all on grand opening of Glam World sim today, yay!




GlamSl magazine April 2008 is out.

Glamsl Mag Issue 3 page 42

Out-world issue check out here

Photography by Minnu Palen

While camping out at tableau anticipating the forever
drawn out arrival of the new spring line
from Paper Couture. My bestie Mo and i answered
the call of Fashion Emergency! And took the red
eye TP into an elaborate managerie of floral exstacy! Breath Taking!

This show was clearly inspired by the era and
artistic style of the Impressionist Monet.
The colours where all part of a vivid masterpiece spawn
from the most seasoned Second Life Designers.

Post by Rhonda Molinaro