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Archive for March 2008

Some goodies that you can combine for the perfect girls
nite-out: to the club dancing your butt out
or in the lounge bar chilling with yourgirlfriends,
snacking some serious delicious food and chatting nite away-
Looking good, feeling self-sufficient-sexy-who
ever said we want to look good for the others! Yay! Binta!

1. Baiastice 80's verde from new spring col 2008
2. AT LAST @spike prim top
3. Maitreya Mishima Dawn - Leather Blue
4. Ka designs Euro skirt
5. (creamshop) glam earring (white)
6. CachetGOLDDIGGERbracelet
7. AT LAST @black latex pants
8. .+*aya V*+GOLD BRACELET
9. Gigi Couture T-dress Ilovemyboyfriend
10. Tesla Snake1 vixens
11. Cachet-AUDREY-hat

My favorite designer along with Diesel is Roberto Cavalli
cause of wilderness in his creations which goes perfecly well
with my wild, somewhat fiercy personality. The other binta
girls-nite we were watching Just Cavalli show s/s 2008 and

drolling over this "socavalli" outfit with which he has brought
sex&rock in his clothing once again making match of soft,
silk/chiffon blouse with huge scarf collar and narrow car-race,
curvy-lines leather green pants. So Valenttina made to made it!
This is what i call rl fashion in sl, store is of course Frozen Turquoise
and the name of the outfit is CoutureDeLaMo ;P

  • Accessorize is:
Cachet black purse (mod bigger)
Tesla Snake vixen shoes which goes perfectly
when we talk about animal print kind of fashion design
Roberto Cavalli and Bracelet by FTV and Cachet, hair is
Fraginpani Designs - Charlie II and Detour Drama eyelashes

New freebie in Morantique is these leather cubes with
multi sit and caffe table in the same style, hope you
gonna like it, i made it for our fashionistatic butts.

Its overture for the new surreal baroque furniture i m
gonna finish up and place in the store one fine day.
  • First picture:
Gracies rocks again this time with perfect name for this
post theme, dress that "screams" spring named Surrealia,
and Tesla shoes in pink leopard from new! series Fur
Vixens matching perfectly. Earrings are Creamshop glam
in white.

  • Second picture:
Tesla Leopard shoes with intimizzo stockings, League neobaroque
Steampunk skirt with locked belt, Szentasha Fashions black leather
Corazon corset and Paper couture pistashio wrap and Creamshop
Glam in Wood earrings. Hair is Detour Junebug in Java.

  • Third picture:
Preview of upcoming Minnu Models Skins hair
/MMS - long blond hair with Feathers from MAX Cachet,
Canimal - Allegra in Red corset "Voulez-vous coucher
avec moi (ce soir)?"
dress! and Tesla Snake from series
Fur vixens.

Glam SL Magazine - issue 2nd page 56-57

Military whole look or in combination with
any other style like military casual, military chic, military funky
punk, military grunge, anything goes... is absolut IT all fashion
seasons 2008. and in all military colors from gerila blue,
army green to specialist's black.

Stand up
You've got to manage
I won't sympathizeAnymore
And if you complain once more
You'lll meet an army of me
You're alright
There's nothing wrong
Self sufficience please!
And get to work

And if you complain once more
You'll meet an army of me
You're on your own now
We won't save you
Your rescue squad
Is too eshausted
And if you complain once more
You'll meet an army of me

pc; Girl Scout Hat
*TRUTH* Scarlett - Dark Blonde
[Detour] Drama Lashes
-=about=- Military jacket 2tyep
Armidi Limited - Classic A001 Jean Skirt [Chemical]
FTV Gold Drama leggings
PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops MultiColor

.::Atomic::. Leather Hat
[Detour] Klee Dot Lashes
Hair - Light Blonde - Xia
Aces High(SH) miliatry outfit
TonkTastic - The Scarf(
CREAMSHOP) Check Charm Stole (brown)
Raggy Ass Stockings & Belt with 8 Garters
JB Morning Walk Socks
pc; Girl Scout Hat recolored
[Detour] Luna - Glazed - Flexi Hair
[Detour] Drama Lashes(
creamshop) glam earring (white)
Ele Top
Kyoot Army - Dead Naga Mini (Black)
/Fuel/ Retroised Leggy
CaChet GrACE Gloves and bracelet
Armidi Limited - Pyramid Cuff [Black & Gold]
::69:: MilitaryBoots - Rock

New collection by Frozen Turquoise Valentine sl couture
store is named Dramatic by its one and only creatore
Valenttina Carafagno is OUT and available now. New black is
BLACK and its back. Vale has choosen names for her mesmerizing
pieces like Bubble Drama!, Drama Diva!, Elegant Drama! Gold
Drama!, Pure Drama! giving whole new meaning to the word
Drama itself and only thing i can say that This drama youre
going to lub!

Accessories like Cachet's black earrings from Grace outfit,
Orchid Dream hair, new wedges by ETD in oh so spring teal!, new released
Diamonde Spinal and Techno earrings, Maitreya new
Verve pumps in Lavander Blush!, everlasting, alltimeany
ocassion wearable Tesla Shiny Vixens!

Fairlight dark angel wings, Cachet's Harness and black
shades, Soon Wednesday hat!, black gloves, black tights,
Slink Eva Suede Boot - Taupe,

my all time favorite ring i got as a random gift (she does that to me;)
from my dear Bibsy - Big Boob boutique she has bought
for me when she was buying one for special to her and well all of us,
Onyx LaShelle by Maitreya defined whole collection and worked out perfectly
as final icing too!

Whinter took me to show me her next new apartment to THE decor store, so
all the thanks and credits goes to my dear friend for showing me best design
SL decor i saw so far without any exaggeration. The name is ABISS and
the name behind is Frasha Boa, who is making not only high quality furn with all
possible aspects of sculpties, highly realistic/quality texture with multi sit animation
and sits on the arms of the sits but her "power" lies within making ultimate decor art of sl by using playof shadow and light, therefore starting complite new trend era of SL
interior building which is future must be when we talk about SL decor making
and high lifestyle of SL all together.

When i decided to get another skybox and make many sky-leveled home
of House of Secondguru, i realized and met Frasha, whos balkan as i am,
better to say Serbian, which made me proud like totally. She explained me
that everything is piece of cake" for her, oh thats easy to make and that
is easy to make... so for one of her 2 skyboxes she has in her offer in the store
and we re talking about - Light one called Abiss VITA which i find to be more adequate for the ladies and Abiss Red which i got at the first place as a gift for Justin and his guys,
Frasha spends one week to make along with marvelous furniture sofas and arm
chairs you get with skyboxs ones you make the purchase.

Abiss VITA comes with 12 panoramas yu can switch of nature enviroments
/ Greece one is my favorite, Abiss Red comes with 12 panoramas of citys of the
World (on picture up there is Hong Kong one). Of course, i made my own decorating
of this ultra modern contemporary art design by Frasha and her Abiss with some pieces
from the stores by my best friends, this time like really not cause theyre my best friends, but
cause i found their pieces to be absolultely best choice along with my stuffs from Morantique, so fireplaces in Red skybox by Mod X /Fariida Yalin and her fashion chilling area she called Mo Mo collection:D for my VITAskybox and art choosen and brought to SL by Rhonda Molinaro from her gallery House of Molinaro.

Secondguru Travel: The Future sim

Justin took me to the Future sim, as he says in his picks: "Remember the sci-fi films of old? Space ships with fins, robots, zap guns, and big FTL drives that had to be oiled...". This sim reminded me of what whole virtual world of SL means to me, new window, Bibs said so, to new aspect of my life. Yešš, its an addiction - this word has 2 different meanings, as well, so i embrace it with both of my arms. Had

this discussion with my friends many times about how um second life is in fact new era of making friends and spending hours of our lifes, which some of us try to fight and some embrace it as it is, accepting it as 21th lifestyle. I m one of that second group, done all, tried all, ok except Gor, meaning role playing but always stayed me, Mo, who i am in life, cause i have only one, we all do... written in my profile, cause found it to be crucial fact of my life - SL/RL.

When we talking about "keepin it real" some ppl totally mixed, on purpose or not, gaming meaning playing MMPOGs with virtual worlds where everything is real, except our looks, but material isnt important after all so all the rest is true and if you re trying to go in any deeper interaction with other ppl in SL, you will show your true "face" sooner or later, meaning you
will become "real" wanting it or not. On the other side there are ppl who openly, and i found it
to be more fair, say i keep my RL for myself, meaning we can talk about this and that but about
my RL only if i intend to reveal it, which should be totally and highly respected, so as i know one of rules of SL as a community-wow there are some after all! and rules of human socialization
of 21th century would be, do not discuss ppls RL, they decided to share with you, with others.

As comes to fashion Cachet mostly "worked" for me for such ocassion, plus i m wearing it now
daily, Abyss boots in all colors and KA designs mini black dresses with "fresh baked" new Tesla shoes Sherry Strappy Heels i m wearing with KA designs Danger dress in Onyx color. Hairs are old ETD - always awsome style ETDs and Deviant Kitties Ember on the last pic. Iron boots are
Blindspot WorkJunky. Poses by Grazia Horwitz, whos my neighbour across my store in Rue
D' Antibes and Dove Swanson's Long Akward poses, my all time favorite Fantasy set who changed location of her store and now shes at BelleStar sim - wowly Dove i love the name of the sim, so coolio:D

I got tagged on my butt and gonna post efing rules, to start with - oh gawd i hate rules! so i dont forget:

Rules1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).2. Open the book to page 123.3. Find the fifth sentence.4. Post the next three sentences.5. Tag five people.

and rules are here to be broken , so i ll take care of that wihi
So i m reading nada in my life cause i dont have time reading/loading secondlife all the f time
and when i do its in my moments of biggest relaxation one can reach, on the loo/toilet/wc/place
where emperor goes by foot!

First book i think i ll pass for posting and it was hard to get one which is less then 1200 pages,
is my lawschool book criminal process law by mister prof krapac -> 123. page, 5th sentence
Prepetrator of criminal offence ISNT appellee. To open criminal process against him, there are several conditions that has to be taken in concern. One can be procecuted in criminal process only if: 1. if its a physical person which has party ability within criminal process
2. against who exists reasonable doubt that she/he commited criminal deed!


Second book i m not reading and I SHOULD BE, is Klaus Theweleit's
Male Fantasies, basicly about how to twist damn bastards around your finger->somehow i m
not sure i want that in my life at all :P. This book helps me poop better and faster and 123 page
5th sentence would be umm... and it has subtitle wow: The Lady with the Light, ...now we can see how eminent function of "white nurse" is in pysical defence system of that men. SHe is assembly of avoiding any erotic/threaten effeminancy. She is garantuee of the existence of tabu incesta about sister and bonding with some sursensed/attended figure of the mother."
Since local patriotism/nepotism is in my balkan genes i m tagging whole Secondguru and

now i m gone to poop.

P.S. was just reading on internet some American dollar or toilet paper!? article and something about how umm its illegal to use U.S dollar bills as toilet paper, so i have to asure all my american friends immediately, ppl i m in no danger, i do my pooping on Balkan where no laws
exist anywhere else than on paper, so i ll be fine and

now i m seriously! gone to poop.

I saw this coming, hoped its only my usual attack of paranoia, but, yesterday, She has stolen my new skirt from the nylon suppresed dress saying shes prettier than me!
She is little Holy Cow, Penelopie's sister, near cousin of Juju and calls herself
my pet, pfting all the time on Njonjo the bunny. Yesterday i thought it s him
diging in my closet in dressage room, but No! It was her, Holy Cow!

Even more she blackmailed me, saying ok i m gonna follow you-->stalking! me even
when i stalk Paper Couture for surbaroque real collection which will already and for once,
never be released ][§[sdf €rztu€˛`eru˛`@ˇ^[]\{łčćšćžišššššššš! if i dont take pics of
her being much more gorgeous than me and post it prontissimo. I dont know:(, i guess highschool popularity queen syndrom got to her Too, she wants to be fugfamous in SL!!!
I m gone now to get vacine in my butt against that disease, tho i m vacined by birth,
but you never knowww...

First photo /little holy cow twisting my arm to type this ouu!/:
Nylon (NO) Surpressed Dress
skirt on her!
Deviant Kitties avril hair
Gigi Couture new excellento! Black Poofer Shorts
Cachet Spider Tights white
[Armidi Gisaci] Dhali Bow Platforms - Prussian Blue
Pose *GV* Rue A stand 002 by Grazia Horowitz,
Second photo: Nylon Summer Bikes - Grape
Nylon Barbie Rodeo
(Elephant Outfitters) Jordyn Shorts - Coal
Paper couture belt boho
Pose + b o d y r o c k s + bikerz by Victoria Copolla (check her pics!),
my neighbour on Rue D'Antibes, you can get this for FREE
only today in front of her store

How about this yay; Hi Fashionistas! :D
I just created a new fabulous dress and I went crazy and decided to give it for free.... BUT.... only for 24 hrs... starting NOW!!!
Some come get it!
Hapy Weekend!
XoXo, Valenttina Carfagno.