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Archive for January 2008

Week ago Rho and me tped to Barnes store to check out his
new stuff as always and then my camera ended on the new
stuff-->>new stuff are amazing coolio sim called Rue D' Antibes
where Barnes rezzed his new collection of prefab shoppes which
are reminicent of the seaside villas of the french riviera, Azure Coast

and like total recall of tradicional istrian and dalmatian
arhitecture --> Istria and Dalmatia part of Croatia<3.

Arch like one in Rue D'Antibes in town of
Rovigno/Rovinj, Istria, Croatia by Rozza

You can come here, buy best designed stores, have lungo mare
like youre on mediteranian coast or rent some out like my dearest
Rho did for her beautiful gallery House of Molinaro.

to be continued...

Spring came to my sl park, making some perfect
tones, shades, windblown hair from Aden on windlight,
sounds of blue birds from LOLO,

murmur of the water from alma's luxurious squaremoorish
fountain by Alma Preminger, fields of flowers
Caught in Cosmos in Tpink4 from Fairtale gardens on
Shinano sim, Scoop!~Taupe dress from Leauge,

Picture taking with Pose collection from LAP by Dove Swanson,
lounging on pistaschio, gold gothique settee by Fenris Ash.

is it right or wrong
try to find a place we can all belong?
be as one try to get on byif we unify?
we should really try

all this time spinning
round and round
made the same mistakes
that we've always found surely now
we could move along make a better world?
no it can't be wrong

let's come together
right now
oh yeah
in sweet harmony

On fashion scene of SL, i guess, as same as on face of the earth
(RL!), in the Middle Earth, in Neverland
whereva... there are 2 kinds of ppl -->>vain and false kind
and warm and down to the earth one,
Irelyn Christensen & Pukk Abel are one of this second one,
plus absolut and total best
system skirt makers in-world, who managed to subdued this
crazy layer.

Girls are opening their new Ooohlala Mode Sim, wtg guys :D
and inviting You all to come and celebrate with them:
"First Impressions, Irelyn, and Rose Petal Creations would
like you to come celebrate the grand opening of the Ooohlala
Mode Sim! We are going to have live music from some of the
best artists in Second Life and tons of prizes!

The party starts at 1pm SLT on January 26th when Niko Donburi
hits the stage with his fun SL themed songs! At 2pm the lovely Cylindrian
Rutabaga will grace us with her presence and amazing voice! Then the
awesome Spaceman Opus will help keep the party going by spinning tunes for us!

The party doesn't stop there though! If you missed the first one come
by again at 5pm as Spaceman Opus again takes the stage, this time to
sing! Followed up when Rose Farina herself starts DJing for everyone.
More Prizes...More Fun.... Ooohlala!

See you there!Irelyn Christensen, Pukk Abel, and Rose Farina!!:)

Grey tweed for grey days like this one.
I ve came to realization that its universal, talking
to my friends from all parts of the world.
I m sick plus, so less words this time.
Best tweed pants in SL i saw so far are these Urban Chic from
Gracies combined with Paper Couture Leather and Wool
sweater or CRAP black sweater-->i love Crap sweaters.

On top excellent hair by Darkstar designs, Tesla
Enchant' Sunglasses *red* and Yuki earrings and ring
--> Yukirei opened her own sim called simply
Yukirei accessories, my favorite along with Muse.

Hello! Its Ms. Molinaro back again =)

Narumi Watanabe has a SLURL for this AMAZING new store that i reported to you yesterday!!... here it is!!! {See the *Ode to Punk Funk* Feature below} Now get to shopping!!


Hello Darlings. Ms. Molinaro reporting!

Welcome to my blog entry for today!

Ahhhhh *An Ode To Punk Funk* ~ Punk is not only a fashion statement. It is a movement. As a native New Yorker i have been facinated with the cult-like attraction to the punk style. In Greenwich Village the streets are paved with inspiring punkers, All possessing their own unique take on the clothing style. The basic formula for the punk is a mix of grunge {the look of worn-out fabric}with sharp colors and patterns. In this article i wanted to portray the funk side of punk! Fariida & I recently met a facinating young designer with a knack for japanese style punk funk inspired pieces as well as embellished casuals.

I Officially introduce you all to Narumi Watanabe!
The new up and coming designer of the [k k Cachoo] line!

I caught up with Narumi a few weeks ago at her Flagship Store On Dreamers Isle.
Heres a little of our candid converstion:

Rhonda Molinaro: Ok hello Narumi!... please tell me more about [k k Cachoo]

Narumi Watanabe: hehe, okies. well, [k k cachoo] is pretty much based on a girlie, japanese taste. i decided that some of the things i wished i could buy in sl weren't being made, so i got in the drivers seat, and here we are now. xDD

Rhonda Molinaro: yes i applaud you for doing so! Was there a specific kind of look that you think SL fashion was missing? if so describe it.
{narumi types for over 5 minutes lol}
Narumi Watanabe: no- sl is full of tons of amazing designers. i just wanted something a little more "close to home." [k k cachoo] is based on my personal preference, but a few of the items i sell are from my friends preferences. i guess what sets me apart is that i'm soo open to suggestions.
Rhonda Molinaro: wow!.. an excessible, flexible designer? in sl??! lol wonderful! Well fashion functions best when rules are flexible and able to be thrown out at times =)
lol!.. so your on the ball!
Narumi Watanabe nods, "soo truee!!"
Rhonda Molinaro: lol
Narumi Watanabe high fives.
Rhonda Molinaro high fives back. ahahaa.... ok so last question....
how do you want the [k k Cachoo line] to evovle? ..
and where do you wish to be with this design company in the future?

Narumi Watanabe: hmm. good one. well, fashion evolves period...
so, it's inevitable that [k k cachoo] is going to evolve, but i don't think i can place how exactly.
as for where i wish to be...i wish to be happy, making others happy, and being fashionable!! xD

Rhonda Molinaro: EXCELLENT... your sincerity will get you there! Thank you so much for meeting with me! & I wish you much success!
Narumi Watanabe: np!! thanks for taking an interest with my new business!
Rhonda Molinaro: Oh it was my pleasure!
Awwww.. she was a complete sweetheart! I challenge all Fashion Fans to endorse [k k Cachoo!].
Feel free to IM Narumi or myself for a LM to her evolving Flagship Store!
If that is too much to ask.. i challenge you again to atleast seek out NEW & THRIVING designers. They will carry the torch of fine SL style and expression for years to come!

Punk Funk Shoot Shots

Ms. Molinaro {left} is wearing :
Hair - "Rendezvous" ~ Darkstar Designs
Top - "Toki Doki" Hoodie ~ [k k Cachoo]
Pants - "Distressed" Jeans w/skinny leg ~ G.L.A.M.
Footwear - "Pink Fire" Trainers ~ FF&C

Fariida is wearing:
Hair - DarkStar Designs - Dionysus
Creamshop Border Hoodie GreyJeans -
DE-858 Ladies Signature Jeans
BlueGloves - DarkStar Designs Bracer IV
Shirt -Armidi Limited - Broken Lullaby Tee
Footwear - Armidi LTD - Checkered
Glasses - Guru Blind Shades White

Ms. Molinaro is wearing:

Hair - "Pitch black" ~ H.C.T.

Top - "Pink Bra Cami" ~ D!FF

Bottom - "Snow Leopard" Leggings ~ *Camie Cooper*

Footwear - Maitreya Bloom Boot

Fariida is wearing:

Hair- DarkStar Designs Dionysus

Shirt - Kenzie Liberty Nor Safety

Shorts Camie Cooper Plaid Shorts

Scarf - Creamshop Check Charm Stole

Boots - ETD Shoes: Buckled Calf Boots

Rhonda is wearing:

Hair -"Ana" ~ Darkstar Designs

Top - "Girlie Gryff Tunic" ~ [k k Cachoo]

Pants - "Faded Industrial" ~ Armidi

Footwear - "Turquoise Dalia" ~ Armidi

Earrings - "Bamboo Single" ~ *KC*

"Pyramid Cuff" ~ Armidi

Fariida is wearing:

Hair - DarkStar Designs Dionysus
Shirt - Kenzie Dollhous Riot Raglan

Jeans -Sh*t Happens - Dark Fade

ETD Shoes: Buckled Calf Boots

Watch - Tickled Pink Fur Cuff


Please support new and fresh designers.

They are the FUTURE of SL Fashion & Expression!

Rhonda Molinaro signing off...

Its been a pleasure. ~ Namaste
Love, Rho

  • Camera obscura/dark chamber an optical device used in drawing from time of Rembrandt, preinvention of photography,
  • Device projecting an image on a screen,
  • The Camera Obscura (Fatal Frame), name of a camera used to exorcise spirits by taking pictures.
  • Song from Enigma's art piece The screen behind the mirror.
  • State of the mind of one.
  • Darkness of the mind as an ultimate inspiration to creation.
Sors salutis
Et virtutis
Michi nunc contraria
Hac in hora
Sine nora
Cordum pulsum tangite;
Quod per sortem
Sternit fortem,
Mecum omnes plangite

in health
And virtue,
Is against me
So at this hour
Without delay
Pluck the vibrating strings;
Since fateStrikes down the strong man,
Everyone weep with me

Wearing Marni's makeups by Another skin- Gold leaf eyes,
Retro black dress by Baiastice with
black gloves from Last Call's Milena outfit,
Marlys hair, GLAM black tights, Tesla Gwyneth shoes.

Wearing Marni's makeup by Another skin - New Zebra nude lips,
GLAM Deluxe black sequin dress,with
LYCEE bootee dot black and
Apollo Coif hair and blingfold from Bare Rose Panthere
Noire outfit
Fairlight Dark Angel Wings
Wearing Carnival red outfit from Baiastice
with La Sylphide-Liliana-Black and White-True Redskin,
Zorena's Cristobel ruby and sable hat,
(Yummy) Together Earrings
ETD Juliana blond hair
Bali bracelet from International house of style

Wearing new collection stuff from Royal blue:
Poof Poof Black by Royal Blue skirt
Pink Curtians top by Royal Blue
with Purple large eyes make up by Marni on Another skin
I m using Fae set fantasy poses by Dove Swanson.
Huge tnx to you Dove, your poses truley rockxo!
Sowy for late reaction i m having such a flu i cant sleep, but i can collapse

>Fraginpani Hair<>
[IC-skins-store] Soulful Eyes :: Bright
Los Altos-BW Skull Outfit shirt with skull tie
Los Altos-BW Skull Outfit resizeable hand skull bandana
T..a..R..t Straight leg-black jeans

ToRiCo -piercing- [RED] ::: kikis closet :::
Los Altos-BW Skull Outfit nike sneakers

Great thanks to Gorgeous Yongho - girl who made awsome poses for any occasion plus everything is 1 L ! Her Juicy - Wasted Fashionista Pose Set!, Beckham set for male posing which yu cant find in some "serious" AO stores and AO Girlnextdoor rocks totally.

Sorry I got so excited about my first post i forgot about the surl


As a member of Second Guru I needed to contribute something to your minds and what better topic to write about than my very own store -- Mod X furniture!!! It took forever to figure out what exactly I wanted to do being jobless in SL then it hit me, build furniture. This lounge furniture is modern, futuristic and nostalgic. Mod X furniture is great for the SL home, or any kind of venue. Its also sculpted so it saves some prim space too...and also looks better. Here are the pieces that are featured in the show room.

To Begin, The Box Lounge Set Comes with a long couch, arm chair, feet rest a flower case, and end tables. Each piece no matter where you put it will divide any space between sections of a large open area to a small and intimate setting. Since this piece is so boxy the Flowers give it just enough contrast of organic and man made objects.

And then there was light. Guess what this furniture's theme is. This set includes light benches, column light, floor/wall lights and lamp. These colorful peices will brighten up any space and help to break up areas with the floor lights. The floor lights can even be placed on the wall.

Don't have enough prims for a couch and a fireplace? With the combination of the shinny texture, wood and fur pillows who wouldn't fall in love with it. The Fireplace square is a piece of furniture where you can sit and get warm. Fire hazard in RL maybe, but its SL I will get away with it.

Next up is the Curve Lounge. Bends and smooth round edges are what makes this sleek set. Relax on the plush lounge and feel it sink in to your body. This set come with an end table and coffee table to put lamps books and magazines.

Last but not least is the current window display. This piece is twist on Nostalgic/Modern era. This set includes a love seat, arm chair, 2 end tables, a lamp, and a section rug. In the display there is also a chandelier made of strings.

So spread the word and come see the Mod X Furniture store and see for yourself how great these pieces are and check for new stuff too. I'm working on free giveaway furniture, check that out. http://slurl.com/secondlife/dreamers%20island/54/44/21/

++Fariida Yalin++

Few days ago in New York Times, i've found this coolio article about color of the year which has been choosen every year by Pantone's Institute, well known by its pantone matching system used mostly in painting industry but spreading on other desgin areas as well. Last year's color no.1 was red chilli paper, which doesnt suprises me since this color affected fashion industry of texture and its colors, spreading further more on this year's rl and sl collections. Some designers within SL "snuffed" new color 2008. - Iris Blue - my first preimages of this color is power of the future, beauty of nite, straight forward power/strenght, almost insolently tending to mistique of its inconsistency. Gianni Broda as one of my favorite SL drawers is my favorite one just because of her choice of powerful, shameless colors and her jumpsuits btw too. Her tailor short pants worked for me just fine in my tending to be sexy/trashy cop, with combo of Last Call blouse from police part of halloween collection of costumes, hat, belt and upper leg knife set from Bare Rose (have this feeling if and when you need some piece in-world, you re gonna find it in there), PARADISIS socks and Gutterblood future soldier boots.

Iris Blue dress from Cashmere with rich pleats which i simply adore in both worlds, gives me this almost spaceman-feeling wearing it.New sculpted attempt in shape of skirt <-- and it fits my butt!yay -->by Gianni combined with some 80's texas like boots by Storm Schmooz, stockings from Creamshop and Muism top in similar shades, me do lub so much that gonna wear it for a few days now, with possibilty to do the same in RL in some upcoming spring niteout combo.

Tho i m not big fan of blue, i am fan of strong,"rough" colors such as iris blue is, so that leads me to conclusion that all variations of the rainbow in that part of the spectre is gonna show up in upcoming collections like this darker matching of Baiastice fur darkpurple jacket with Shop Seu dark navy shorts and iris blue gloves.

Every now and then a new designer comes along that gives you goosebumps. Triangle Caudron's new line Ghost! does exactly this. Unlike your typical Ghost, this one doesn't make you scream in fright but may still make you pee your pants (in a good way). I'm proud to say I was the 2nd person to rezz into her brand new store at the Arias Requiem Sim. As I was breathing down her poor little neck waiting for her to put up her vendors, she was nice enough to chat me up. Needless to say, she is not only talented but adorable and so sweet! So far Ghost! is a modest little shop but Triangle is definitely turning out some exciting new items on a (so far) daily basis. Can't wait to see what's in the future for this friendly Ghost!

Triangle Caudron at Ghost! Isn't She Pure Adorableness!

Ghost! - White Blood

Ghost! - Zero Shadow

Ghost! - Lag Tri Top (Shadow)

What's that they say....third time's a charm, right? Here’s hoping cus here we are again! Actually, it's just me, Lawless….Dove has left me in charge in order to.... (caution, shameless plug ahead).... in order to get her new and improved poses ready for the grand reopening of her pose shop!

This installment started out with me attempting to *gulp* organize my inventory, a lofty task that ended as soon as I discovered and wore this amazing mask - the awesomely detailed and textured Brutal Delux Mask created by Fade Dana of D3volution! A quick camera zoom not only revealed great attention to detail, but also just how much fun this mask really is. It comes with a variety of ways to wear the parts, such as an attachable plume or studs, with or without tusks and ears....but the best part is (drum roll please) - it's scripted! The face piece flips up at a touch, and if you touch it again the mask will snort and blow red steam. Several "wows!" later, I knew I needed to wear it to the New Year's Eve ball and either impress or scare the shite out of my princess charming. How great is this mask, you wonder? Well, I looked like the offspring of a warthog/predator love connection and I still got kissed….you do the math.

After deciding I needed some red primmy goodness to accentuate the mask, I immediately raided my Bare Rose folder, and came away with the Alert Red Jacket and Sign of Bondage Boy Pants. I have to pause here, because Dove would kill me if I failed to mention just how sad it is that Bare Rose is one of those SL gems that just doesn’t seem to get the credit they often deserve - putting out prim laden, highly detailed and often fun outfits at affordable prices and yet somehow they still manage not to clog the blog feed?

Anyway, now that I've appeased the wicked, hormonal beast that is Dove, back to the fashion! I decided to break up the pairing of jacket and pants with the Bullets & Punks belt from Kalico Kreations....which just happened to go nicely with the Bloody Bracers by EmOver. Oh wait, I hear the beast roaring again from her cage...she's telling me I better tell you guys about the totally wicked eyes that we found at Needful Things. Apparently she wants to lick them, and if I take them out of my head she's going to skullfu---errrr.....let's just say she really digs these eyes, so much that she took a ton of pictures for you guys to see just how cool they are.

While ninja shopping, (as taught by my shopping sensei, BoRee) I discovered the Guarded Heart Choker at Orion Designs. I loved it and although I realize it's definitely a bit feminine and won't be gracing the neck of your average blingtard, I figure if you can't rock the occasional women’s hair and accessories in SL....then you suck and deserve a life built around blingy pimp sticks and a vocabulary dominated by the word “yo” …

To polish off this outfit I finally returned to my inventory sorting and because of my rampant boot fetish it's not too surprising that I found yet another pair of boots that I have never worn. Yes, it's true, I do have a problem, the first step is admitting it, they say. The boots are Cossack Boots by Ambush - I love them, they're so super-duper I can't figure out why it took me this long to put them on, except for the fact that my inventory is a total wreck. Not only do they kick alot of arse, but they also managed to match my belt rather well - I'd say that's a win, wouldn't you?

And now, Dove demands that I go watch her poo....

Where It's At

Kalico Kreations – Bullets & Punks united belt
Needful Things – Nekoeyes (freaky vol.2)
Orion Designs – Guarded Heart Choker
Bare Rose – Alert Red Jacket / Sign Of Bondage Boy Red Pants
Ambush – Cossack Boots Guerilla Style
EmOveR – Bloody Bracers
D3volution - Brutal Delux Mask (ear and tusk version with plume)
Sinistyle – “Manhandled” Black Gloves
~ broken ~ - Torn Fishnet Shirt
Le Petit Prince – Bandana Bandage