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Archive for November 2007

H ello Lovely shoppers…. This is Whinter Paine and I have been a second guru for a while but have never gotten off my booty to blog.. **winks at Mo** But when my friend Kendall Freenote FINALLY opened her store I had to get busy. Let me tell you first of all that Kendall is actually one of the sweetest people I have ever met in sl. So I hope when you show up at the Trendy and Co.

B outique you get the pleasure to meet her. Her products are divine little yummy high-end accessories. And like most girls I can’t get enough accessories. I almost have one of everything and I will keep buying as long as she keeps making.

special thank to Gorgeous & Melanie774
posted by Whinter Paine
photos by Mo Miasma

SWSdesign Cable Sweater in White

Jeepers Creepers Ugh Boots

Yummy "Oui Ring"

My Cleavage a la Yummy Multiple Chain Necklace

Don't forget kids sex sells

The fire is slowly dying

And my dear we're still goodbye-ing

As long as you love me so

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Is anyone else starting to feel the holiday spirit? Who says you can't be cozy and cute at the same time? I was doing my usual ninja shopping when I came upon the SWSdesign Main Shop in Beverly Hills. I was all excited to check out this fantastic shop when the dreaded red "do not enter" lines bounced me from my mission of buying everything possible in SL. That's when I got a friendly IM from Yohmini Yoshikawa the designer of SWSdesign letting me know that the store would be back up in an hour, but in the meantime gave me a LM to visit some of her other stores. She is one of the friendliest designers I have met so far in my shopping travels so I definitely recommend visiting her at her main store!
Since her main store was down for updates, I popped over to another SWSdesigns store and happened upon this Cable Sweater in White. It's starting to get cold & chilly here in RL so I thought it would be perfect to pair up with my new Jeepers Creepers Ugh Boots. Yummy also came out with some fun, silver charm jewelry. Now someone hand me some hot chocolate with marshmallows pronto!

Hair: ETD/Janine Black
Sweater: SWSdesign/Cable Sweater in White
Jeans: Armidi Limited/A001 Jeans Faded Classic
Boots: Jeepers Creepers/Ugh Tan WHT
Earrings: Earthtones/Journey Hoop Earrings
Necklace: Yummy/Multiple Chain Necklace
Ring: Yummy/Oui Ring Silver

In my 1st and 2nd life I am a big fan of ''autumny'' skirts and Stumbelina Ophelia from Cake just made the cutest plaid skirts.
In the first picture I am wearing the Spring in Geneva outfit. This outfit comes with 2 types of skirts (an A-line and a pencil skirt) a turtleneck sweater, belt, black stockings and the flower pin. As you can see you can create two very versatile looks with it.

My favourite skirt must be from the Autumn in Paris outfit which I'm wearing in the second picture. This one has the most beautiful flow when you move. The skirt also comes with a turtleneck sweater, black stockings and a seperate belt, but I chose to pair it with the Classic Boucle Sweater and the Au Di Crocodile belt from Armidi Gisaci instead.

First picture
Outfit: Cake / Spring in Geneva in slate
Tights: TaP / Opaque Tights in black
Shoes: Tesla / Natasha high heels in black
Hair: Slow Tempo and ETD / Karlie in mocha and Phoebe in smoke burnt

Second picture
Skirt: Cake / from Autumn in Paris in black
Sweater: Armidi Gisaci / Classic Boucle Sweater in black
Tights: TaP / Opaque Tights in black
Belt: Armidi Gisaci / Au Di Crocodile belt in bronze
Necklace: Schadenfreude / Pearl Necklace with Cameo
Scarf: BP* / Knit Scarf & Corsage in black
Shoes: Tesla / Analise Boots in black
Hair: Aden / Kenzie II in dark brown
Skin: Celestial Studios / CS Vogue Skin Glitter-Noir in champagne

H appy bday Roslin from whole Secondguru and me (i' m coming soon there too;):D

W hen you see chick rushing around in short retro"bearish"fur jacket ...

Chapeau tres Mignon's Bunny Ear Muffs Brown
Armidi Hair - St Moritz - Orchid
*Punch Drunk*Faux Fur Coat
{Gisaci} Pleated Neck Babydoll - Gold
:::Usagui::: cargo:::Usagui::: Fur Set
Chapeau tres Mignon's Case Boxed Brown
Paper Couture The Gutter Knit Legwarmers
[Armidi Gisaci] Oxford Leather Ankle Boot [Harvest]

you 'll know its total chic loner, in love with (in this case, that would be Dylan Dog ;) hero guy from comics

Hello SecondLifers! This is my first, official post for secondguru so get ready while I pop my SL fashion blog cherry for you!
How did I meet the girls of secondguru you ask? Funny you should ask! About two months ago, when the voice feature had just been released on SL, I was wandering the aisles of Caliente Express. I had just seen the latest release on Fashion Consolidated and hopped on a TP to jet over to pick it up. As I wandering the aisles, checking out the fashion goodies, I heard a curious noise. At first I thought "Did I really just hear that?" and continued on with my shopping. Then I heard it again...a loud "BuUUrRP!" I immediately cracked up and headed closer to the mystery burper thinking to myself it must be some random noob guy causing trouble. Lo and behold standing near the entrance were three classy and fashionably dressed ladies with one of them ripping out burps right in the middle of the store. From that moment I knew it was fate and burping that brought me together with the crazy girls of secondguru Mo, Rhonda and Cleo.
So onto what really matters...the clothes! Last Call came out with these hot, fur-trimmed boots earlier this week. At first I wasn't sure I was a fan but like a true Last Call-aholic, I had to have them anyways. With the cold weather coming, I thought they would be cute to pair with this fur-trimmed hoody from Amerie's Naughty. I'm definitely a fan of the boots over the pants look in both SL and RL so I paired them with one of my fav pairs of pants from G.L.A.M. Lately I've been rockin' belts (because I'm finally starting to come out of noob-dom and learn how to edit the lil buggers) so I mixed it with the Starley Charm Belt that comes with the Starley Mini Sweater Dress from Last Call. In my few months in SL, I've found that the real difference between a true fashionista and a fashion noob seems to come down to accessories. Accessories really do make the outfit! To finish it up I threw on some sunglasses from Suite17 and freebie drop earrings from Amaretto.
So to conclude, I'll let you in on the secret...it was Cleo who was the mystery burper *wink* She is sooooo going to kill me *goes and hides*

Hair: Armidi/The Super Pony
Top: Amerie's Naughty/Velour Hoodie Long Sleeve Black
Pants: G.L.A.M./Dark Distressed Tweed Pant Trousers from Tweed & Ruffles Pant Suit
Shoes: Last Call/Emberlei Coal and Sable
Sunglasses -Suite17/Jetgloss
Earrings -Amaretto/Drop Earrings from freebie Millie Outfit
Belt -Last Call/Starley Charm Belt from Starley II Mini Sweater Dress

Yesterday I got a Fashcon notice from a store called Fuel. I had never heard of it but the photo's of the new products got me curious, so today I took a look and if you are into funny and good looking accessories this is the store for you!
My favourite item is this hat called ''Wanna Play''. How cute is it!?
The necklace is called ''The Key Keeper'' and has some very well done primwork.
The leggings are also from Fuel and I thought they would look good with this new Sweater Dress from Elle Inc.

Then the shoes...I have been in the Stiletto Moody group for a couple of weeks now and finally yesterday they opened. I don't think a store has ever been hyped like this one, but unfortunately it didn't live up to the expectations I had of it. These booties look good on my avatars feet and are quite good actually, but I also bought the slingback pumps and the quality of those shoes just doesn't make my shoe-heart beat faster. Don't even get me started about the normal pumps... Lets just say that I am glad I didn't buy them, and I hope Stiletto Moody will do something about the quality of those shoes, because, and I hate to say this, spending that much money for such quality is a total waste.

Dress: Elle Inc. / Black Sweater Dress
Legging: Fuel / Black Leggy
Hat: Fuel / Wanna Play
Necklace: Fuel / The Key Keeper
Belt: Fancy Schmancy / Lushius
Shoes: Stiletto Moody / Bitch Bootie (black on black)
Hair: ETD / Kizzy in smoke burnt
Skin: Celestial Studios / CS Vogue Skin Fall Series 3 in champagne

on behalf of SecondGuru we wish our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Ginny

Comfort by the hair

I was watching you last night. In the dream. Sad. Dead.
In the fatal hall, in the idyll of the flowers......
Only your hair was alive, so it says: "Rest! In death we dream"...

A.G. Matos

Everything went well, concidering lag, full region, heavy prims of barouqe dresses - bravo Secondguru, me bow to you my dearest friends:).

Models of this fashion show werent ordinary model agency models, most of them are not part of the court of the Versailles (exepet Mesdames Countess Amalthea McMahon, Dame de Compagnie Starmaker Boa and me) but fashionistas of second life and members of secondguru project (http://secondguru.net), people who live all aspects of fashion in second life and from whom i m proud part of.

Mesdames Cleo Carbetta, Bibs Burns and Starchild Renoir in Nonna Hedges creations and with Paulie's hairs made specially for the show and Messieurs Dewind Kwak In Chokolate suit and Del Claymore in suit by Le Curtisan Parisien

more on secondguru

Due Amerika's and there for SL time changing my calculation went to hell, and i calculated wrong. Versailles fashion show we ll take place in City of Versailles sim in Sunday, 11 am slt, in Marble Hall of the Court. I am so sorry , apologizing to everyone, i m only poor small Croatian what i would know about big world and forces of nature.

filmed by Gorgeous Yongho

more on secondguru.net

Final countdown to this special event starts NOW! I was asked by her Highness, Grand Duchess de Versailles Janine Debevec as proud to be Marquise de Chateau de Versailles, to organize this suberb event and with help of Madame coorganizator Elisama Rodenberger and huge support of whole Secondguru: Bibs Burns, Cleo Carbetta, Rhonda Molinaro, BoRee Vella, Whinter Paine, Fariida Yalin and Starchild Renoir - i love you guys!!! We miss you Vis :(<3,>

Huge Thank You to all designers who decided to participate in this special fashion happening - Tesla Miles, Caliah Lyon, Paulie Tamale, Megg Demina, Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot, June Dion, Esmerelda Oh, LeeZu Baxter, Shai Delacroix, Olaf Bergbahn and Nonna Hedges as same as to all Mesdames and Messieurs models.