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Archive for October 2007

TaP Automne skinline tanned tone, comes in 3 make-ups and each is perfection; Cake Savannah hairdo, soft, casual and unlike any other

B@R jeansjacket from the Nora outfit comes in 3 washes and has amazing sculptiework; Gritty Kitty Trinitee belt has the cutest details like the flexi 'tush'tassles ;)

DMC Desert Rose t-shirt never bores me; Savvy? riding gloves are a must-have!

Random Acid Washed Leopard jeans are such fun; LastCall Vamp Ines boots make a great match to the belt

Bibs Burns

To find sexy and i mean "bedtimestories" material, yet classy shoe in SL is like to search for husband for Swirly Cyclone, there are always some, but thats just not it. Dont take this too personal Swirly, i m not of better luck either and i m young, stupid and look like me vomit-vomit pamela clon. So i m always and about shoesss ... shoesss ... shoesss, gimme some shoes, these shoess rulee, these shoes suck, these shoes suck, these shoes RULE. Well Stiletto Moody's one do, finally i ll get some, what tha hella!

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Wohoo some nites! This one started with of course what else then shopping. Bibsy and me took Our lovebirdy Rho to check marv TREE OF SL when Jeska Linden, administrator of fashion forum of sl showed up herself, wearing this cutish armor suit combo Borg vs. Transformers and in pink! :greens

You: ummm guys Linden is among us!You: khm khm
[17:34] Rhonda Molinaro: =))))))))))
[17:34] Jeska Linden: heya :)
[17:34] Rhonda Molinaro: Halllooooo[17:34] Robin Sojourner is Offline
[17:34] Bibs Burns: well I'm honoured!
[17:34] You: Halllooo[17:34] You: master of the universe :P
[17:34] Jeska Linden: just doing a little shopping :P
[17:34] Bibs Burns: great place to meet a Linden!

Yay, finally my first item for the SecondGuru website! I've been involved in the making of this website from day one and I won't bother you with the reasons why I took this long to have my clothes 'come out of the closet'. Instead I will introduce myself by wearing a casual classical style with a little spunk& funk which is typical for me.

My inspiration for this outfit stems from the treasures I found at Tree Of SL. I only recently discovered TOSL and fell head over heels in love with Quinlan Quimby's creations. She combines unmistakable craftmanship with true originality and sells her creations in a setting which does justice to her creations and to the endless possibilities of SL. The store and it's surroundings are a treasure on it's own.

I started my outfit with this particular skirt from TOSL because I dig the houndstooth texture and because of the way the fabric continuously and softly floats around my legs. Quinlan makes mermaid costumes too and this must explain why she manages to give her skirts this fabulous wavy movement. Unfortunately it's impossible to catch movement in a snapshot. So you'll just have to experience it yourself.

I paired the skirt with te newlie released thin wool top from Persona in beige. This top has some great assets like the charming 3/4 sleeves, the well executed shading, the fact that it comes in a pack with 9 colors and has a tintable layer included and last but not least te pricetag. At 120 Lindens I consider this to be great value for little money.

The classical combination of the houndstooth textured skirt with the thin wool sweater needed something funky to spice it up so I eagerly pulled out the Funky Hobo Bag from TOSL again and decided to wear scarlet opaque tights by TaP. It doesn't show on the snapshot but the exact same shade of red is used in the houndtooth print of the skirt. So far so good :)

So now for the spunk. These suede boots with leather flexi straps are made by Lyra Muse from Last Call and have all that it takes to get me going. These boots go way up until the knee and the heels are just the right height to my taste. The detailing on the Tatienne boots is amazing.

All the fabulous accesories I'm wearing are from TOSL and deserve the closest-up possible so here we go:

Funky Hobo Bag 'Marley's Medley'

Adamas Wood Bangle 'Brazilian Nights'

Fruitylicious Charm Bangle 'Tangy'

Fruitylicious Earrings 'Cerises'

That was it from me, hope you enjoyed :)

Bibs Burns

I'm wearing:

Urban Peasant Skirt version 1.3 Houndsbite by Quinlan Quimby at Tree Of SL

Tintable Thin Wool sweater in beige by Millie Writer at Persona

Opaque Tights in scarlet by CJ Carnot at Tete a Pied

Tatienne Boots in black by Lyra Muse at Last Call

Funky Hobo Bag 'Marley's Medley' by Quinlan Quimby at Tree of SL

Adamas Wood Bangle 'Brazilian Nights' by Quinlan Quimby at Tree of SL

Fruitylicious Charm Bangle 'Tangy' by Quinlan Quimby at Tree of SL

Fruitylicious Earrings 'Cerises' by Quinlan Quimby at Tree of SL


... and some coolio designers plus

=RaC= Alice skin design
Chapeau tres Mignon's Golightly Hat White
Armidi Hair - The Milano - Glazed Apricot
Caledon's white lace gloves (tint)
*Shai* White Flamingo Dress
TESLA - Shiny Vixens - Silver Dream

Khm, Khm, how to start this then to say - Its Shai! Months ago/sl years ago i was shopping for my friend Montana who is french but with a rather poor urge to be fashionably dressed, i came to IMHO one of the best places for male clothes in SL, Casa del Shai. She was there, we met, she was one of those with who you can talk like you know each other for ages, outgoing, friendly, open, nothingtohide person:).

Hi, watcha doin today Sha ;)?Taking photos of the new Casa del Shai collection to be released this weekend, smoking a ciggie and having my first cup of coffee.

This weekend was probably one of the most exciting of my entire Second Life. Rumor has it, that the simowner of Tableau heard of our little war near the Nylon Outfitters Store (let me just mention the use of flamethrowers and you may get the picture), and decided to take advantage of the situation. So let me share this with you:
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  • Visa Volare

For two weeks i was prepearing to write this article, not because i didnt have time to do so, i was preoccupated with this beauty and RP that i simply did nothing. So now i have a story to tell. Since the whole web page is designed in style of Louis XIV, me and Rho thought it would be great to make our HQ in the same way. This is where the whole theme took me.

All that gowns, Sofia Copolla's movie i loved about Marie Antoinette, tackiness, shining, blinging, the best decor historical moment if you ask me, that lead me to one thing and one thing only, to write down Versailles in search and hit that road. So i came. Whole sim is beautiful and as it is still under construction, i found later from owner of the sim Grand Dutchess Janine Debevec, that everything is made like in real Versailles with taken pictures at the very same spot and without 2 salons they had to leave out because of second life sim limitations

First time when i came i got the notecard which i did accept but as always didnt read it immediately leaving that for later. That was big mistake, cause Versailles city sim demands to be there by certain rules. I m total hater of rules which is of course showing of people with big hungry ego and aries in their stars, but when i eventualy read those, i came to conclusion they are more then needed and justified.

more on http://secondguru.net/travel.html ...


What to say than it is - Armidi. Cleo and me did it again;). It's fantastic hair, this time in its design, texturing and cut, fabulous mix of pure casual and some chic casual in design clothes too in the part of Armidi sim called Gisaci, absolutely royal shoes, accessorie like a box of candys, fine langerie and best eyes on which i set my eyes on :P.

I dont know, however, is it me, and i know it is me and my butt i worship so dearly cause its a part of my personality :P, but it is not what happens on daily bases to my dear partner in crime Cle, that every single stretch skirt needed some serious tweaking, so it would be excellent if making of those outfits will be happening on some not so tin models/avis in the future.


10 IT pieces from real life featured in Second Life. Enjoy the wonderful season, it's all over in the air ...

1. CASUAL - G.L.A.M.

Mo wears: G.L.A.M. Military Peacoat in CrimsonG.L.A.M. Tintable Lycra TightsLC VAMP: Misha - Chocolate shoesAntoinette brown shades@Inari Brownred by Curls upAntoinette brown shades@InariX3D Marie Antoinette Collection-Ostrich Feather baret

Cleo wears: G.L.A.M.: Buttoned Trousers in BlackG.L.A.M. Twill Sweater in PlumFancy Schmancy: Ceinture Militaire in noirLF Fashions: LF Curious Cap black leather (tinted!)Paper Couture: Silk wrapped shank heel - regalETD: Hailey in smoke burntMinnu Model Skins: Pale SkinGloss - RedLips


Mo wears: ::: B@R ::: decadence EyesCoverSiniStyle Sylar "BoogeyMan"coatDF Meets Dior / 50s Style bag by Deux Filles*FI* Wrapped Top Pencil Skirt -Plum skirt(Next Step) Paris SHOWTIME pump sandals

Cleo wears: First Impressions: Wrapped top pencil skirt in coalBattered Boudoir: Black Body StockingTesla: Vinyl VixensPaper Couture: The Barzane Bag in crimsonPaper Couture: Antique Pearl Choker setETD: Anisa in ebonyDN Vogue Skin Vamp-Seduce in cashmere



Combination of luxurious materials, plain, basic pieces and rebellious rock - chic will result with a fine, polished and lit decadent finish

1. color of paraffin, metalic shining of perls

MM-Pale SkinGloss-Avignon
Allure *SS* Goldie 2 (Fit2) Caramel
(Vindi) Azazello Dress fur colored in esmerald green
Cupake Crazy Turquoise Dress
Tete a Pied Brown leather gloves
GLAM purple lycra tights
Paper Couture shoes in teal
Queen couture Sloth Clutch

2. Ankle boots a la Tina Turner

Queen couture Concept frames
Paper couture Italian Black outfit gloves
Pampered princess Fire Scrunch Mini Dress
Maitreya Boot-olicious Leather Ash boots

3. White blouse with rich sleeves and rich grey stockings

On the one of european mornings here, i was in shopping with my friend Jude in casa del Shaiwhen i ve heard some coolio bunch of ppl approaching us. Immediately one of them attracted my attention not only cause of her name Tesla, which is the name of Nikola Tesla, croatian scientist and my personal idol without who's genious we wouldnt be here today, but cause of the energy you could sense she's spreading all over the sim. I usually approach to ppl like her andimmediately introduce myself, give my personal data etc. LOL, but since it was a morning and i wasstill in waking-up mood, i did nothing. But God has his own ways, so eventualy she approached to me,saying hi Mo, and after 5 minutes of talking giving me few wonderful gifts of which i had noclue back then but i cherish them today dearly.

Time passed, we grew:) and one chat with her meant to me more then i ve expirienced in a long time, which is really something special.Now i have this super oportunity to do an interview with my dear friend Tesla Miles for readersof secondguru.net, that would be you :P, so life is ok after all, ha? :D

Hubby's Boutique
Yesterday I found this cute dress at a store called Hubby's Boutique. With the dress you get three (yes...3!) systemskirts: a mini, mid-thigh and above the knee version. In these pictures I am wearing the mid-thigh one. Also you get black opaque tights but I am wearing the TaP grey tights so the sexy pumps from Tesla stand out more. The fun thing I think with this outfit is that you can really go nuts with the accessories. While browsing the Fashion Planet blogs I saw Caliah Lyon wearing these great sunglasses from Nea-Ban and I knew I had to have those immediately. The bag is from Deux Filles. This place sells the most lovely bags, and when you purchase one you get a bottle of Chanel No.5 too. If that ain't a great deal!

Hubby's Boutique / Chloe Tights: Tete a Pied / Grey Opaque Tights Shoes: Tesla / Leather Vixens in Liquorice Bag: Deux Filles / Black Evening bag with white trim Sunglasses: Nea-Ban / Fabulous XL Jewelry: Muse / Claris pearl and diamond bracelet and choker in silver Hair: ETD / Anisa in espresso Skin: Celestial Studios / CS Vogue Skin Fall Series 3 in cashmere

New CS Skins!
FINALLY Starley released her new Fall Series skins and I love them! And the best part of it is... she is having a Sale till this sunday! As you can see I bought the fatpack, because for 1500L you get 4 skins which is ofcourse a steal. In the pictures I'm wearing my ''old'' Isabeaux leather pants from Launa Fauna and the new sweater from Maitreya.